CSULB FEA Department Office: UTC 104      Phone: 562-985-5404     Fax: 562-985-5405

FEA Faculty

Department Chair
Jerry Mosher

Administrative Coordinator
Donna Thomas

Academic Advisor
Lorenzo Gutiérrez-Jarquin

Jack Anderson
Tom Blomquist
Sharyn Blumenthal
Jerry Mosher
Micheal C. Pounds
Jose Sanchez-H

Emeritus Faculty
Robert Finney

Lecturers: Media Production
Fletcher Beasley
Dennis Burke
Christopher Cain
Kent Hayward
Tina Mabry
Dave O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien
Stu Rosen
Philip Schwartz
Morgan Stiff
Jack Tucker

Lecturers: Screenwriting
Bonnie Blackburn
Morgan Land
Adam Moore
W. Reed Moran
Sarah Tatting-Kinzy

Lecturers: Critical Studies
Erica Aguero
Rowena Aquino
David O'Grady
Gary Prebula
Noelia Saenz
Larry Smith
Laurel Westrup
Jonathan Wysocki

Technical Staff
Steve Hubbert
Robert Rhyu

Robert Rhyu

Robert Rhyu
Office Hours:  By appointment

Robert Rhyu is a full-time tech while teaching part-time in the Department of Film & Electronic Arts at CSU Long Beach. He studied Electrical/Computer Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, received a BA from CSU Dominguez Hills in Music/Audio Recording and is enjoying a hiatus from graduate studies in Applied Mathematics. Mr. Rhyu has over twenty years experience in music and audio recording, most recently on re-records and mixes of The Records' hit singles `Starry Eyes' and `Teenarama', and The Raspberries reunion EP, `Refreshed'. He is a current member of the Audio Engineering Society, Association for Computing Machinery and USENIX.