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Undergraduate Advising



This page has advising information for current CSULB dance majors. Prospective students should go here to view degrees offered in the Dance Department.

Current CSULB Dance Majors, please follow the instructions below for dance major advising or click on a link to go directly to an advising topic


Dance Major vs. Gemeral Education Advising

Undergraduate dance majors in Dance must currently seek advising from two campus advisors--a Dance Major Advisor for requirements in Dance and an Undergraduate Advisor for requirements in General Education. In addition to following the information below on meeting with your Dance Major Advisor, please be sure to meet with an Undergraduate Advisor at the University Center for Undergraduate Advising (UCUA) each semester to plan your GE classes. If you have a hold on your account for registration, see an advisor in UCUA to have it released (unless you are informed otherwise by your Dance Major Advisor).

Please visit this link for information on General Education:

Please visit this link for information on the University Center for Undergraduate Advising (UCUA):


Dance Major Advising Appointment

To meet with a Dance Major Advisor about classes or registration, please download and print a program planner to bring to your advising meeting.

1. Program Planners:
BA in Dance (Minors also print this form)
BFA in Dance
BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science

2. Fill in your information at the top of the planner and bring to your meeting with your Dance Major Advisor (Lorin Johnson for BA and BFA, Karen Clippinger for BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science). You will need to retain a copy of this planner and update it each semester until you graduate.

3. Make sure to retain a copy of this planner as you will need to bring your copy to every future advising meeting.

4. To make an appointment with your advisor:
BA and BFA dance majors can schedule a meeting with Lorin Johnson by signing up for a fifteen minute appointment on the clipboard outside Professor Johnson’s office, F-204 (2nd floor of faculty offices). Please do not email to make an appointment until you have checked the available days/times on the clipboard.  
BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science majors can schedule a meeting with Karen Clippinger by signing up for an appointment on the schedule posted outside Professor Johnson’s office, F-207 (2nd floor of faculty offices). Please do not email to make an appointment until you have checked the available days/times on the clipboard.


Department of Dance Undergraduate Advisors

Jenny Stevens- Interim Undergraduate Advising

OUT ON SABBATICAL (FALL 2013) Lorin Johnson, Advisor to BA and BFA students, Freshman-Senior (including all transfers and graduating seniors)
OUT ON ACADEMIC LEAVE (FALL 2013) Karen Clippinger, Advisor to BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science students, Sophomore-Junior


Roadmaps for Dance Degrees

Degree roadmaps in Dance are available below to help you plan your dance major and general education requirements over your career as a dance major. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Download and print a Graduation Plan roadmap form (Note: this is not required for advising appointments and is for your information only. Please print a program planner (above) for advising meetings.)

BA in Dance:
2. BFA in Dance:

3. BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science:

4. Use the Graduation Plan roadmap to help plan how you will balance your dance major requirements with GE courses over the course of your academic career at CSULB. The first page of the roadmap is blank for you to input your courses and to keep track of your units each semester. The second page shows the same form with examples of courses to take. Though your roadmap may vary from the examples shown, please note that this roadmap illustrates both the most appropriate dance major courses for particular semesters as well as an appropriate balance of dance major classes vs. general education classes. You may wish to bring this roadmap for your advising meetings at UCUA when you discuss your General Education courses.


Understanding our Dance Degrees

The best way to understand differences in the undergraduate degrees in dance offered at CSULB is to speak to faculty advisors. Students should decide which degree path to pursue in Dance by the end of their freshman year or beginning of their sophomore year. The three separate degree paths are almost identical within a student’s first year of study and all entering undergraduates in Dance begin as a BA in Dance. The links below can help students to see how course requirements change over a four year period, depending on the degree path chosen.
Freshman dance majors    
Sophomore dance majors           
Junior dance majors      
Senior dance majors


Degree Requirements

The following links are to the degree requirements for each of the undergraduate degrees in Dance:

BA Degree in Dance
BFA Degree in Dance
BA in Dance, Option Dance Science Degree in Dance
Dance Minor


Class Schedule Changes

The most current information on class schedule changes will be posted here and on the advising board in the hallway next to studio 1.


Commonly Asked Questions

(please send an email to Lorin Johnson with any questions you do not see answered here)

Question: I want to become a dance major. Who do I see?
Answer: Visit the Dance Department office or call 562-985-2024 to request audition information (you can also send an email to: 
You must be accepted through an audition to become a dance major.

Question: I am a new dance major. Which classes should I sign up for in my first semester?
Answer: Download and print the BA Dance Roadmap for freshman-sophomore. On the second page is a sample schedule showing each semester’s classes for the first two years as a dance major. As a new dance major you will also be asked to attend a meeting for new dance majors during the first week of classes of your first semester.

Question: How many units can I sign up for?
Answer: Generally, first semester freshman can register for up to 16 units and all other students can register for up to 18 units. Please check current University policy on unit enrollments (often students have an initial registration period of up to 13 units, followed by an opportunity to add more units later in the registration process.) Students can also petition to take as many as 21 units, though registering for more than 18 units is not recommended (please ask in the Dance Office for a petition form. The Chair of the Dance Department will need to sign your form). However, at times dance majors need to petition to add additional units for their crew and performance units (1 unit each).

Question: Which GE classes should I take?
Answer: You should speak to an advisor in the University Center for Undergraduate Advising to set your schedule of GE classes. However, in general dance majors should try to take two GE classes a semester along with their dance major requirements. Freshman and Sophomore students should make their Foundation GE classes the priority, as well as any remedial classes in Math or English that are required. Freshman and Sophomore students should make their GE Foundation classes (A-1, A-2, A-3 and B-2) a priority.

Question: Does the Dance Department have any classes that double as General Education classes?
Answer: Yes, dance majors can take 373i (Non-Verbal Communication) and 435i (Dance in Film) to satisfy Capstone requirements and dance major requirements (373i for BFA, 435i for BA.) The BA, Option in Dance Science does not use these courses, as it uses Human Physiology (BIOL 207) and Introductory Psychology (PSY 100) to double as major and GE requirements. 

Question: Which ballet and modern technique classes should I sign up for as a new dance major?
Answer: All new freshman should sign for Ballet I (Dance 154) and Modern I (Dance 152). All new transfers should sign up for Ballet II (Dance 254) and Modern II (Dance 252). Each semester all students in technique classes are evaluated at the start and end of the semester by a technique screening committee. The screening committee will make the final decision on which level is best for each student, and if students are asked to take a different class level they can change their registration during the first week of classes.

Question: A GE class that I need is in conflict with a dance major technique class. Is it OK that I take only modern dance or ballet technique for one semester?
Answer: The majority of dance majors in their first two years take both ballet and modern dance technique each semester in order to progress along with their peers through the technique sequence. However, occasionally there is a scheduling conflict with a GE class that does not allow you to take both. See if the GE class is offered at another day/time first, but if there are no other options and the GE is a priority for you, then taking only one technique class for a semester is acceptable.

Question: I have a hold on my account and cannot register for classes. Who should I see about this?
Answer: Usually only an advisor in the University Center for Undergraduate Advising can release holds. Your Dance Major Advisor (currently Lorin Johnson) can be contacted to lift two types of holds: 1.) A hold for second semester freshman advising (freshman spring semester); 2.) New major advising for new freshman or transfer students. Check the hold on your MYCSULB account to see who you should see about your hold—an advisor in UCUA or your Dance Major advisor.

Question: Do all dance majors need to see their Dance Major Advisor each semester?
Answer: Currently we only have mandatory advising for the following dance majors: new freshman and transfers, 2nd semester freshman and transfers, and graduating seniors (the semester prior to graduation). However, we encourage all dance majors to actively seek advising and to have their program planner reviewed each semester.

Question: I am a new dance major and am interested in the BFA degree in Dance. How do I become a BFA?
Answer: All dance majors begin in the Dance Department as BA students, and then may choose to apply to the BFA or the BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science in their second semester as a freshman or their first semester as a sophomore. Dance majors interested in the BFA degree should speak to BFA Advisor, Lorin Johnson, about degree requirements, and then speak to Keith Johnson, Program Director of the BFA, to fill out an application to audition. Dance majors interested in the BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science should speak to Karen Clippinger.

Question: I am a new dance major and want to perform. How do I audition?
Answer: In order to be eligible to audition you must first sign up for a production crew. Please see Andrew Milhan, Technical Director, to sign up. Your name will be put on a list for a crew (possibly during the next semester). Once you have made this commitment, you are free to attend the auditions for the faculty concerts (usually on the Friday of the first week of classes of a new semester) or the auditions for the MFA concerts (see production board for announcements).

Question: I am a transfer student and took classes at another college prior to coming to CSULB that I would like to transfer. How do I do this?
Answer: Transfer students should make an appointment with their Dance Major Advisor as soon as possible at the start of their first semester. If you have dance classes you would like to try to articulate (transfer to CSULB), please bring a copy of your transcript to your advisor. It is possible that syllabi and course materials from certain courses may be requested, such as dance history classes, anatomy classes, etc. Please note that GE classes will be articulated during SOAR by an advisor at UCUA, and that your Dance Major Advisor will only articulate dance classes for the major. Commonly articulated classes are: Improvisation (2 units); Composition/Choreography (3 units); Music for Dance (2 units); and Jazz technique (2 units). Classes in dance history and/or dance pedagogy are also occasionally articulated, but transfer students will need to supply a syllabus and course materials for their advisor to look over.

Question: I am a dance major and will be graduating within the next year. What should I do?
Answer: Dance majors should make an appointment with their Dance Major Advisor to review their academic program early in the semester before they plan to graduate. For example, students graduating at the end of a spring semester (May) would meet with their advisor the previous fall semester (before mid-October). Students graduating at the end of a fall semester (December) would meet with their advisor the previous spring semester (before March 1). Students must also submit a Request to Graduate form to Brotman Hall according to a specific timeline. Please visit this link to view detailed information on graduation: