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Resources for TA's & GA's

The information and links below are provided as a quick reference guide for TA’s and GA’s.   You should familiarize yourself with the information as it will prove valuable to you both as a student and as an instructor.

Graduate Student Employment:           

Academic Calendar:           

Payroll Calendar:                       

Attendance Policy:           

Course Syllabi Policy Statement:           

Office Hours Policy:           

Notice of Absence from Class/Class Cancellation Form:

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Safety Office:                       

Disabled Student Services:           

Harassment Policy – Academic Senate  and Office of Equity and Diversity:              

College of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Withdrawal Policy:

Link not available at this time.

Cheating and Plagiarism Policy:           

Final Course Grades, Grading Procedures and Final Assessments:           

Grade Appeal Procedure (for appeals filed prior to Fall 2010):           

Final Exam Schedule:           

Campus Maps: