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Strategic Plan for 2005-2010

The Department of Biological Sciences will strive to fulfill its mission statement by focused effort on undergraduate curricular revision, graduate program development, learning assessment, faculty workload and research productivity, development and community relations, and proactive faculty hiring.

  1. Revise the undergraduate curriculum to include a) revision of core series of courses for the biological sciences majors in order to introduce declared majors early and thoroughly to the multiple sub-disciplines of biological sciences and increase retention of these students, b) revision of upper division offerings to streamline degrees and to further integrate faculty and student research activities into the curriculum, c) development and implementation of assessment techniques for student learning outcomes.

  2.   Enhance our ability to attract a large pool of high-quality masters students who complete a marketable degree in a timely fashion by implementing program and curricular revisions, additional student support mechanisms, and recruitment efforts for our masters degrees.

  3.   Discuss and implement faculty workload that maximizes quality performance in teaching, service, and scholarly activities by assuring that workload adequately reflects faculty effort in research training of students and student-based research activities, by equitably distributing committee duties amongst eligible faculty, by improving operating infrastructure within the department and beyond, and by facilitating intradepartmental cohesion and communication.

  4.   Increase community relations activities to assure visibility of department efforts to the community and potential students and implement a systematic departmental development campaign within the local community as well as nationally.

  5.    Discuss and maintain a five year hiring plan that reflects both current curricular needs and the changing curricular and scholarly needs of the field of biological sciences.

Approved by the Dept. of Biological Sciences October 17, 2005