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People in Biological Sciences

Who's Who in Biological Sciences:

Department Chair: Dr. Dessie Underwood

Undergraduate Advisors:

Cell and Molecular Biology,Microbiology, General Biology last names A-N: Kay Lee Fruman
Marine Biology: Gwen Goodmanlowe
General Biology,last names N-Z: Ashley Carter

Graduate Advisors:

Kevin Sinchak
Kay Belletti Graduate Services Coordinator Email (preferred):

Biology Faculty Health Professions Advisors:

College Health Professions Advising Office

Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technology Advisor:

Biotechnology Certificate Advisor: Lisa Klig

Administrative Support Coordinator: Lynda Stassi

Credential Advisor:

Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty:

Dr. Bengt Allen Marine community ecology (Research Page)
Dr. James Archie Biostatistics, herpetology, population ecology
Dr Flora Banuett Genetics and cell biology of fungi
Dr. Judy Brusslan Genetics, plant physiology (Research Page)
Dr. Ashley Carter Theoretical and empirical evolutionary biology (Research Page)
Dr. Jesse Dillon Microbial ecology (Research Page)
Dr. Elizabeth Eldon Developmental biology
Dr. Deborah Fraser Cell biology, immunology & inflammatory disease
Dr. Kay Lee-Fruman Signal transduction, cell biology, immunology (Research Page)
Dr. Editte Gharakhanian Cell biology, general biology (Research Page)
Dr. Eric Haas-Stapleton Virology, insect biology (Research Page)
Dr. David Huckaby Vertebrate biology, mammalogy (Emeritus 2013)
Dr. Carol Itatani Hematology, immunology (Emeritus 2007)
Dr. Darren Johnson Evolutionary ecology of reef fishes
Dr. Kevin Kelley Comparative vertebrate physiology, Associate Dean of Research
Dr. Balwant Khatra Human physiology (Emeritus 2013)
Dr. Lisa Klig Molecular genetics
Dr. Brian Livingston (Department Chair) Development and evolution (Research Page)
Dr. Christopher Lowe Ichthyology, (Research Page)
Dr. Steven Manley Phycology, introduction to marine biology (Research Page)
Dr. Douglas Pace Ecological Physiology
Dr. Bruno Pernet Marine invertebrate biology (Research Page)
Dr. Bryan Rourke Physiology (Research Page)
Dr. Kevin Sinchak Neurobiology
Dr. Ted Stankowich Evolutionary behavior (Research Page)
Dr Houng-Wei Tsai Physiology, neuroendocrinology (Research Page)
Dr. Dessie Underwood (Associate Chair) Ecology, entomology (Research Page)
Dr. Christine Whitcraft Wetlands plant ecology (Research Page)
Dr. Raymond Wilson Ichthyology, fish population genetics
Dr. Kelly Young Reproductive physiology
Dr. Mason Zhang Microbial pathogenesis

Full Time Lecturers

Dr. Gwen Goodmanlowe Biology, ecology (Research Page)
Dr. Jacqueline Pal Anatomy, pathophysiology
Dr. Shehnaz Rehmat Microbiology
Dr. Gary Shin General biology

Part Time Lecturers

Jennifer Kauk Human physiology
Dr. Christine Palmier Cell & molecular biology, biochemistry
Jesus Reyes Biology, anatomy & physiology
Dr. Jackie Sussman Biology


Kay Belletti Graduate Services Coordinator(email)
R. Denise DeGrazia Anatomy & physiology (email)
Thomas Douglass Electron Microscope Lab/ Computer Support (email)
Catherine Durham Fiscal Manager (email)
Michelle Giffin Instructional Support: BIOL 211L, 212L and 440L (email)
Diane Graham Microbiology Instructional Support (email)
Suellen Jacob Vertebrate Museum Manager (email)
Noah Kelly Office Assistant, Department Webmaster (web support) (email)
Lisa W. Mastro Instructional Support: BIOL 111, 200 & 213 (email)
Yvette Ralph Marine Biology Lab
Lynda Stassi Department Office Manager (email)
Brian Thorson Instructional Support: botany & greenhouse (email)