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The Vertebrate Museum

Vertebrate museum -skulls
Vertebrate museum -skulls
Vertebrate museum -skulls
Vertebrate museum -birds
The Vertebrate Museum at CSULB serves as a resource for students studying taxonomy and vertebrate morphology and osteology. The collection contains skulls, specialized bone preparations and study skins of birds and mammals both local and world wide. Many of our specimens have come from the San Diego Zoo as well as affiliated collections around the world.
bird skin tray
mammal skin trays
Vertebrate museum -bird skins
more skins

Our bird skeleton collection is 37th in size world wide and has examples from many taxonomic families.

skull trays
Vertebrate museum- assorted animals

Most of our specimens are prepared on campus by our highly skilled Vertebrate Technician, Anne Staskewicz. She has over 20 years of experience preparing study skins and skeletons within our on-site facilities. We also maintain a fish museum of preserved specimens as well as mounted articulated skeletons and a variety of taxidermied mammals and birds. These specimens are used extensively in our courses and may be viewed by appointment as well.

Prep room- Vertebrate museum
Vertebrate museum -fish area
Visits to the museum may be made by contacting Anne Staskewicz.

Hours of operation are Monday -Friday 8-5.