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Raymond Wilson


Office: MLSC 226

Office Phone: 562-985-5767

Lab Phone: 562-985-1319



Research Interests:

Population Genetics:  General interest in the genetics of self-recruiting and newly-colonizing marine fish populations.  Current research is studying genetic changes associated with invasive Asian gobies of California and Australia as determined from mitochondrial DNA sequences and microsatellite alleles. Respective publications can be found in Marine Ecology Progress Series volumes 277 and 296.
Ichthyology:  General interest in molecular systematics and ecology of fishes. Current research is studying the systematics of deep-sea codfishes, commonly known as grenadiers, as determined from allozyme electrophoresis, protein peptide mapping, and DNA sequences. A publication can be viewed on-line at:  Interrelationships of Grenadiers
Molecular Evolution: General interest in sequence evolution of control regions of fish mitochondrial DNAs.  Past research has studied sequence evolution in amphi-Panamic geminate species of snook.  A publication can be viewed on-line at: Control Region Evolution in Snook