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Houng-Wei Tsai

Assistant Professor

Office: MIC 305G

Lab: MIC 305A

Office Phone: 562-985-5649




Research Interests: My research interest is to understand the neuroendocrine mechanisms that regulate reproductive function and behaviors at molecular, cellular, and systemic levels. I use epigenetic approach to identify the sexually dimorphic genes that control sexual differentiation in the mouse brain structure and behavior.

Selected Publications:

  1. Tsai HW, Chen JC, Yeh KY, Tai MY, and Tsai YF (2009): Male Sexual Behavior and Brain Catecholamine Levels in Middle-Aged Rats. Chinese Journal of Physiology (in press).
  2. Tsai HW, Grant PA, Rissman EF (2009): Sex differences in histone modifications in the neonatal mouse brain. Epigenetics, 4: 47-53.
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  4. Bojkowska K*, Hamczyk MM*, Tsai HW, Riggan A, Rissman EF (2008): Neuropeptide Y influences acute food intake and energy status affects NPY immunoreactivity in the female musk shrew (Suncus murinus). Hormones and Behavior, 53: 342-350.
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  7. Tsai HW, Katzenellenbogen JA, Katzenellenbogen BS, and Shupnik MA (2004): Protein kinase A activation of estrogen receptor alpha transcription does not require proteasome activity and protects the receptor from ligand-mediated degradation. Endocrinology, 145: 2730-2738.
  8. Tsai HW, LaPolt PS, Olcott AP, and Lu JKH (2004): Temporal changes occur in the neuroendocrine control of gonadotropin secretion in aging female rats: Role of progesterone. Biology of Reproduction, 71: 845-852.
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