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Certificate in Biotechnology (code BIOLCT01) Prerequisites for Admission

Completion of the following courses with a grade of "C" or better (or consent of ,the biotechnology certificate program director):

CHEM 111A,B; CHEM 320A,B or CHEM 322A,B and 323A,B; CHEM 441A,B or CHEM 448; BIOL 340; BIOL 370; MICR 200 or 211. The following courses do not meet any specific or elective requirements for this certificate: BIOL 153, 153L, 200, 200L, 204, 205, 205L, 207, 208, MICR 101 .

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Students not currently enrolled in a CSULB undergraduate or graduate program can obtain admission and fee information on-line through CSULB University Extension - Open University ( )