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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Microtemplate

The FAQ microtemplate, is a great way to tighten up the content on your page by collapse the text underneath headers. Selecting this option will place the following code on the page:

  • Bracketed "faq collapsed" and "/faq" tags code, denoting the beginning and end of the FAQ list. 
  • Question titles styled as Header 2s
  • Answers of body text immediately below the Header 2 question, styled as 'Normal' text. 
    • This answer area can be any sort of content and will all collapse under the Question Header 2 above it until another Header 2 appears

If you'd like to add additional questions, simply create a new Header 2 Question title, and add body text below it. Here's an example of the final result:

What if it rains when I have class?

Bring an umbrella.

What if my textbooks get wet and I need new ones?

Visit our bookstore. We've got tons of great resources to get you dry and ready for class.