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California State University, Long Beach
Web Comm, California State University, Long Beach
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WebComm Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2011 at 3:00PM
University Student Union, Room 306


  • Adam Amberden, CED
  • Javier Banuelos, CHHS
  • Frederic Camba, UR&D
  • Greg Cutler, WDC
  • Linda Fontes, ATS
  • Gerard Greenidge, Chancellor's Office
  • Ali Hamidian, 49er Shops
  • Jill Horn, ATS
  • Greg Hosylik, CLA
  • Jorge Hurtado, UR&D
  • Ed Lara, WDC
  • Vu Mai, Student Services
  • Pat Mullen, COTA (Art)
  • Wayne Pierson, WDC
  • Steven Orr, WDC
  • Tom Owen, CCPE
  • Nadia Ruiz, ATS
  • Jesse Santana, ITS
  • Gabriel Wilson, CDC


Opening remarks by WebComm Chair Mullen thanking David Kleen and the USU for use of their excellent facility.

Compliance Sheriff - Jill Horn
  • CSULB accessibilty rules have been finalized and integrated into the software package
  • Requirements for obtaining licenses not yet finalized.
  • Manual Evaluations will continue to be required.
  • Some challenges remain: CSU accessibility rules still being evaluated.
University Giving Sites Update - Frederic Camba
  • Detailed challenges on the online giving process.
  • Showed the new site and went over the steps in the giving process.
  • Discussion on the mechanics of giving and how entities are listed as giving targets.
Google Search Appliance - Steven Orr
  • Overview of how the GSA works: "collections" vs "buckets" and front ends.
  • Current implmentation on CSULB webscape is only at the highest levels.
  • Best functionality cannot be achieved without a campus strategy for granular implementation at lower (department) levels.
  • Discussion followed on how this might be accomplished.
  • Gerard has offered to conduct a seminar on setting up data for the GSA. Current plans are for this to take place in early 2012.
University Template - Jorge Hurtado
  • New template in final stages of development
  • To be based on the 960 Grid System
  • Wordpress and Dreamweaver versions are in development
  • Deliverables expected in first quarter of 2012
Adjourned at 4:35 PM