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Web Accessibility: Tables

§1194.22 (g) Row and column headers shall be identified for data tables.

Layered Data Tables

Moldboard No-Till
Planning Date OP/OK 25P/25K OP/OK 25P/25K
April 23-26 152 168 154 153
May 2-3 158 161 153 159
May 11-14 156 171 143 154
May 23-24 147 156 122 142




<th id="h12" colspan="2">Moldboard</th>

<th id="h14" colspan="2">No-Till</th>


<tr align="center">

<th id="h21">Planning Date</th>

<th id="h22">OP/OK</th>

<th id="h23">25P/25K</th>

<th id="h24">OP/OK</th>

<th id="h25">25P/25K</th>


<tr align="center">

<th id="h31" headers="h21">April 23-26</th>

<td headers="h31 h12 h22">152</td>

<td headers="h31 h12 h23">168</td>

<td headers="h31 h14 h24">154</td>

<td headers="h31 h14 h25">153</td>


<tr align="center">

<th id="h61" headers="h21">May 23-24</th>

<td headers="h61 h12 h22">147</td>

<td headers="h61 h12 h23">156</td>

<td headers="h61 h14 h24">122</td>

<td headers="h61 h14 h25">142</td>



Tables like this are called layered. The accepted technique for specifying which heading cells apply to which data cell called headers/id markup. As you can see headers attribute of one data cell is space-delimited.

In the above table, there are more than one heading associate with each data cell. For example, on third row second column "152" associated with April 23-24, Moldboard, and OP/OK.

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