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Commencement Photography


Guests must remain seated throughout the ceremony and may not block the view of others for purposes of taking pictures or videos. Guests will not be allowed to stand in the aisles during the ceremony. After the ceremony is completed, there will be ample opportunity to seek a wide variety of backgrounds for pictures on the campus.

Photo Opportunities

An overview of the CSULB map with photo opportunities, as listed in the text to follow.

Walter Pyramid

1. Walter Pyramid

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

2. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Lymon Lough Foutain

3. Lymon Lough Fountain

Friendship Walk

4. Friendship Walk

Now Sculpture

5. Now Sculpture

Carson Bloc Bell Tower

6. Carson Bloc Bell Tower

Duet (Homage to David Smith)

7. Duet (Homage to David Smith)

U as a Set Sculpture

8. "U" as a Set

Homage to Sam Rodia

9. Homage to Sam Rodia