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California State University, Long Beach
Department Of Human Development
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Students please review the prerequisites before registering for

FALL 2014  “F14 Prereq for reg


Degree Requirements: Major

The following program of courses is required for the B.A. degree. A grade of “C” or better in all upper division major courses is required for graduation in Human Development. A total of 120 units is required for the B.A. in Human Development.

Lower Division Background Courses: ANTH 120, PSY 100, SOC 100 (or replace one with HDEV 180)

Human Development Courses (24 units):

HDEV 180Lifespan Human Development
HDEV 250
Elementary Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences ***(PSY 210 or SOC 250  or BIO 260 are the ONLY official equivalent courses).***
HDEV 307—Approaches to Childhood and Adolescence
HDEV 320Research Methods in Human Development (obtain a permit the semester before see instructions above).
HDEV 357—Approaches to Adulthood and Aging
HDEV 360Cultural Foundations for Human Development
HDEV 402Development of Thought: Structure, Process and Cultural
Influences Across the Life Span or HDEV 403The Acquisition of Culture: Social Processes in Cross-cultural Perspective
HDEV 470Seminar / Practicum (must apply and attend an orientation the semester before).

Upper Division Foundation Courses (12 units from the following list, including at least one course from each foundation areas):

Biological Foundations:
ANTH 318 Human Genetics
ANTH 319 Human Growth and Development
BIOL 301 Biology of Human Aging
H SC 420 International Health (D2/ E)
H SC 421 Health Behavior
H SC 425 Human Sexuality and Sec Education (E)
WGSS 440 Issues in Women’s Health

Psychological Foundations:
ED P 302 Adolescent Development
ED P 305 Educational Psychology
CDFS 311 Prenatal Development and Infancy
CDFS 312 Family and Personal Development (D2/E)
CDFS 314 The Older Child
CDFS 411 Individual Child Study and Guidance
CDFS 412 Family Interaction
GERN 400 Perspectives on Gerontology (D2/E)
GERN 485 Mental Health and Aging
HDEV 300 Death and Dying (D2/E)
PSY 331 Sensation and Perception
PSY 332 Cognition
PSY 333 Psychology of Learning
PSY 336 Psychology of Emotion
PSY 351 Social Psychology (D2)
PSY 356 Personality (D2)
PSY 368 Asian American Personality and Mental Health
PSY 370 Abnormal Psychology (D2)

PSY 378 Health Psychology
PSY 438 Psycholinguistics
PSY 463 Social and Personality Development

Sociocultural Foundations:
ANTH 351 Sex Roles and Culture
ANTH 413 Language and Culture
ANTH 419 Concepts and Theories of Ethnic Identity
ANTH 421 Education Across Cultures
ANTH 454 Culture and Aging
ANTH 475 Language and Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective
ASAM 340 Asian American Family
ASAM 381 Asian American Women
AFRS 410 The Black Family (E)
CHLS 340 Latino Education in the United States
CHLS 350 The Latino Population in the United States
CHLS 415 Latina Women in the United States
CDFS 413 Child and Family in the Community
CWL 315 Literature and Medicine

GERN 400 Perspectives on Gerontology (D2/E)
HDEV 300 Death and Dying (D2/E)
HDEV 340 Families and Work
LING 329 Introduction to Language Acquisition
LING 379 Sociolinguistics and Schooling
SOC 320 The Family
SOC 325 Sociology of Women
SOC 335 Social Psychology (D2)
SOC 345 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 346 Race, Gender and Class (D2)
SOC 423 Child Abuse and Prevention
SOC 464 Aging and Society
WGSS 401 Women in Global Perspective (D2)
WGSS 420 Mothers and Daughters

MINOR in Human Development

The minor in Human Development may be combined with any major at CSULB except Human Development and Liberal Studies, Track II-Human Development Concentration. The minor in Human Development offers students an opportunity to supplement their education with an interdisciplinary study of lifespan development within societal and cultural contexts.


A minimum of 7 courses, chosen in consultation with the Human Development Program Advisor, which must include:

1. HDEV 180 or ANTH 120 or PSY 100 or SOC 100
2. HDEV 250, 307, 320, 357, 360
3. One additional Human Development course chosen from
HDEV 300, 340, 402, 403, 470.

All students in this minor must take at least 6 courses in Human Development. All students who complete another course as part of their major that is equivalent to a Human Development course (such as a statistics course equivalent to HDEV 250) must substitute another HDEV course for that one.

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