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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Daily Blog for Alison Yoho

Day 17: I Cooked!

Posted on June 29, 2012 by Alison Yoho

We worked mostly in the lab. I feel that I didn’t get that much done, well at least compared to the first lab day. I entered all of my rock information into at excel spreadsheet from my field book and I worked in ERDAS. In ERDAS, I layer stacked my image, sebseted it and converted it from a 30 meter pixel to a 10 meter pixel by merging my image with the panchromatic image. Next I tried to start the supervised classification but I just got so confused. I need Dr. Lee’s help.

For dinner, I cooked with some help from others. I haven’t really ever cooked in my life and this dinner turned out great! Others were saying it was the best dinner by far.

I feel accomplished, well with the cooking at least.

Day 16: Back to the Water

Posted on June 27, 2012 by Alison Yoho

We started out but driving around for about 2 hours looking for a good bay to go and snorkel and paddle a surfboard. We started out in Poipu and realized that most of the spots we wanted to go weren’t a great place to go. So we ended driving to the Maha’ulepu beach right by the cave. Courtney and Ali ended up going out and paddled the surfboards in that bay right there with the loggers attached to the surfboards, and Kelly and I took water samples there. After lunch, we went back to Poipu Beach and went snorkeling. Kelly and I took the loggers and GPS’s with us while we snorkeled and collected data at two different parts of Poipu Beach. Unfortunately, I got really sunburned on my back and legs.

When we got home, everyone else was off to go paddle the outriggers. I was a little bummed that the hydro group didn’t get to go because it was so much fun, but then again we did it last week. When they all got home, I was happy to hear that they all had a great time!

Day 15: Back to the Lab

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Alison Yoho

Today, we spent the day in the lab. I feel like I got a lot done today. I worked with Dr. Lee for a bit trying to figure out the best imagery to use for my data. I can’t use Landsat TM or ASTER because the spatial resolution is big for what I need because I am working with a large scale map. Worldview 2 has a great spatial resolution for what I am working with, however, It does not contain the mid-IR bands that I need to study the rocks along the coast of Kauai. So we start looking for imagery and I brought up ALI imagery. Dr. Lee liked it, so now that is what I am going to work with. I have never worked with any imagery other than Landsat TM, so this will be a new experience for me.

I also started working on some ArcMap data. I plotted the GPS points that we took where we took the samples of the rocks. Then I georeferenced Dr. Blay’s rock reference map.

It was definitely a successful day!

Day 14:Stranded on the Napoli Coast

Posted on June 25, 2012 by Alison Yoho

We started the morning by waking up at 4 am. We all got ready and were out the door by 5. It was a miracle! We made our way to the dock. We road on a zodiac for about an hour to the Napoli Coast State Park. The boats then left and were going to be back until 5:30pm. We first got a tour of the area. Burney showed us the area that the Hawaiian tribe use to live in. He showed us the houses they use to live in, the well where they go their water and how they moved around thro0ughout the rocky terrain. In the morning, we did some field work. We had 3 different areas to work with. We could go help cleaning out the well, work with the GPR, or go and help out with the UVA and the kite. The hydro team didn’t really have an area to work on so we kinda roamed around. I went and hung out with the people doing the UAV and the kite. After we couldn’t get the kite to stay up in the air because the wind wast consistent, I was super tired so I ended up taking a nap. and then others followed in the nap process. After my nap, I kinda just roamed around for the rest of the time. I laid in the sun for a while, went and looked at the sea turtles, hung out and talked with people and just had a good time with where we were. When the boats finally returned, we came home and had some delicious pizza! After that, I called it an early night because I was tired!

Day 13: A Great Day Off!

Posted on June 24, 2012 by Alison Yoho

Today, we went up to Wiamea Canyon and saw a lot of the beautiful island. Then in the afternoon, We all went down to Poipu Beach and had a BBQ, snorkeled, went shopping, and watched the sunset. I was definitely a great day!

Day 12: A Very Long But Successful Day

Posted on June 24, 2012 by Alison Yoho

We got up and were on the water before the sun was even up. We went out on a fishing boat to get more readings for the loggers. We all had seperate jobs to take care of. Kelly was the data recorder, Courtney was the temperature tractor, Ali was in charge oh water sample taking, and I was in charge of the pictures of the coast. Unfortunately, Kelly and I got sick during our ride. After we were done, We came back to the Theobold House and worked on our data for another 4 or 5 hours. It was another very successful day despite the fact that I got sick.

Day 11: It’s Called Paddling, Not Rowing!

Posted on June 23, 2012 by Alison Yoho

It seems like the days just keep getting better and better. In the morning, we went to the lab at the NTBG and start more research. We started with using the spectrometer to read all of our 11 rock samples. Then, I went and started calibrating  our 5 Loggers that we used and are going to use to take samples of the water. The loggers measure the pressure, temperature, and conductivity of the water. After that, we went and ate lunch and talked about our individual projects. I am going to be using the rocks that we gathered and map out the coastline using ArcGIS and ERDAS. Then, I want to compare my results to a map by geologist Chuck Blay created and see if our maps match up.

In the afternoon and evening, our group met up with the paddling club of Kauai. It was so much fun. First, we hooked our loggers to the team’s canoes to start our readings of the pressure, temperature, salinity, and conductivity. Then, we helped the teams into the water and off they went on 7 or 8 mile paddling practice. Next, we were taught the safety rules of paddling and then we got out into the water. Tim, the instructor, put me in the front of the canoe because I said I had some paddling experience. The only paddling experience I have had was paddling a concrete canoe (that floats) at a conference for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The person in the front of the canoe is called the stroker  and that is the person who sets the stroke for the rest of the canoe. I was really nervous but it was actually really fun once we started.

After we were done, we gathered our loggers and data and went out for dinner, considering we weren’t around for dinner time and weren’t able to eat.


Day 10: Just Keep Hiking

Posted on June 22, 2012 by Alison Yoho

On day 10, we went one a long hike. We arrived at the cave around 9 am, and unfortunately our instructor, Dr. Becker, and our GA, Wes, were running late, so we ended up hiking to the Heiau with the other teams. When Dr. Becker and Wes caught  up to us, we ended hiking back to the cave to take some samples. We took some water samples from inside the cave and the sinkhole, and just outside the cave in the creek. After that, we hiked back to the Heiau and then onto Shipwrecked Beach, which was the same hike we did yesterday. Along the way, we took some rock samples of the different rocks. We wanted to gather them to take the spectral readings of each rock. After our very long hike, we were able to go and relax at the beach. However, it wasn’t very relaxing to me. We went in the water and it was fun at first, but then I got tossed around by the waves. It reminded me why I can’t remember the last time I actually went into the ocean.

Tonight, the hydro group sat down, amongst the chaos at the Theobald House, and started our data and research. I’d say today was a very successful day.

Day 9: The Cave and Hike

Posted on June 21, 2012 by Alison Yoho

In the morning, the Ag group and Hydro group took a tour of the Makauwahi Cave. Burney showed us around the north cave where the entrance is, then around the sinkhole, and finally around the south cave. Burney said they have found bones of dogs, chickens, human bones, and a coffin in different areas of the cave. It was a very interesting tour. I really wanted to go and explore the cave some more and go through some of the passage ways but I couldn’t. Then, after we had lunch, the we met up with the vegetation group and went on a hike to the Heiau. that hike was fun and dirty. I had decided to take off my boots and put on sandals at lunch thinking, “we haven’t had too much hiking or rigorous activity.” That was a mistake. The hike was super dusty and rocky. at one point during the hike, Burney showed us some really cool foot prints from a huge bird that use to roam Kauai a long time ago. It was pretty cool.

When we got to the Heiau, the hydrology group decided to keep going and we hiked to Shipwreck Beach. We learned that as we were walking, the rocks were getting younger and younger from the Makauwahi Cave to Shipwreck Beach. Overall it was a successful day, and Dr. Becker said we are probably going to do the hike again tomorrow and take samples of the rocks.

Day 8: NTBG

Posted on June 21, 2012 by Alison Yoho

In the morning, Dr. Burney showed us around and gave us a tour of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. He told us about all of the invasive species and plants that are pretty much taking over the island and how the native plants and species are going extinct or endangered. He showed us around the Mcbride and Allerton areas of the gardens and he showed us the areas where movies have been made like Jurassic Park. After the tour, we went and saw Spouting Horn in Poipu and went to the NTBG gift shop. Then we went to lunch but by this time is was already 2pm so we didn’t take a tour of the cave Makauwahi Cave. We ended up going out to an open field and testing a UAV. Overall, it was a pretty good first day in Kauai.

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I am majoring in geography at CSULB with an emphasis in geospatial studies and GIS.