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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences


Master of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences

The Master of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences (code FCS_MA01)

A Master's in Business Administration with a Specialization in Consumer Affairs, Fashion Merchandising and Design, or Hospitality Management is offered through the College of Business Administration. Please contact the advisor in these areas for further information. The advisors include:

Dr. Wendy Reiboldt (, Consumer Affairs

Dr. Marine Aghekyan (, Fashion Merchandising and Design

Dr. Libby Gustin (, Hospitality Management

**MA program has been suspended for the 2014-2015 academic year**

This program is designed to prepare students with a background in program evaluation and administration, research methods, and application of advanced subject matter knowledge to enhance the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities. The advanced candidate selects either a thesis track or directed project track to facilitate a selected career path.

There are four specializations in this program:
Consumer Affairs
Fashion Merchandising
Hospitality Management

MA Learning Objectives

Admission in the MA Program - Criteria

Prospective students must comply with University requirements for admission to the graduate studies program at CSULB as outlined in the CSULB Catalog. Students must concurrently submit applications to the University Admissions and Records Office and to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. A cohort of students will be admitted each Fall semester.

Materials to send to the University:

1. Completed graduate application and application fee. (Applications can be sent online via

2. Official Transcripts.

Mail to:

Office of Enrollment Services/Graduate Admissions

California State University, Long Beach

1250 Bellflower Boulevard

Long Beach, CA 90840

Admission Requirements to the Department:

Admission to the Master of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences is dependent upon approval by the Graduate Coordinator. The application requirements for prospective graduate students for the Master of Arts degree are:

1. A minimum cumulative undergraduate average GPA of 3.0.

2. A copy of the completed application submitted to the University Office of Admissions and Records.

3. Three letters of recommendation (preferably from previous instructors).

4. Additional materials that provide evidence of academic performance may be requested (at a later date) after review of applicant's file.

5. Approval by the Graduate Coordinator.


These materials are in addition to the copies submitted to the university for graduate admission. They need to be mailed separately to the FCS department:

Department of Family & Consumer Sciences

California State University Long Beach

ATTN: Graduate Assistant

1250 Bellflower Blvd.

Long Beach, CA 90840-0501


1. Students are responsible for meeting all prerequisite requirements prior to enrolling in 500/600 level courses.

    A. The Graduate Coordinator and/or faculty advisor will evaluate transcripts. The student who needs to complete prerequisite deficiencies must do so using a program of study developed with the specialization area faculty advisor and approved by the Graduate Coordinator.

    B. The student who needs to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) must do so within one year of admission.

2. Students from other disciplines may be required to complete prerequisite courses before enrolling in 500/600 level courses.

3. Prerequisites for all courses carrying graduate credit must have been completed within five years of taking the graduate courses. If the prerequisite is outdated, the prerequisite(s) must be repeated or credit obtained by examination.

4. Students deficient in undergraduate preparation must take courses to remove these deficiencies at the discretion of faculty in the specified subject matter area and the Graduate Coordinator. Courses taken to remove deficiencies may not be included in the graduate program of study.


1. Maintain a 3.0 or better grade point average in all graduate work completed at CSULB and all graduate work transferred to meet graduate requirements.

2. Maintain satisfactory progress toward the degree objective.

International students and students from other states:

A limited number of out-of-state tuition waivers are available on a competitive basis for new graduate students. Please contact the department graduate coordinator for additional information.

International Students must go through the Center for International Education before applying to our program. Information can be found on their website.

*Please note the application & document deadlines may vary from those for the department/University *


Student Checklist for Completion of FCS Master's Degree

Advising Sheets

Consumer Affairs

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Fashion Merchandising and Design

Hospitality Management

Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to Candidacy is the next step after achieving classified status and signifies approval of a plan of study by the student's major department and college. (Definition taken from CSULB Catalog.)
Students must complete the following steps to advance to candidacy before continuing his/her course of graduate study in the second year:

1. Satisfactory completion of the Writing Proficiency Examination/Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (WPE/GWAR).

2. Minimum of 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 average in all units undertaken for the approval program of study.

3. Complete all the following courses: EDP 419; FCS 563, 600, 696

4. Approval of the Graduate Coordinator, and Associate Dean of the College of Health and Human Services.

5. Enrolled in the semester in which the Advancement to Candidacy takes place.

Requirements for Graduation:

1. Completion of a minimum of 30 units of approved upper division and graduate courses with a minimum of 21 units in FCS.

2. Completion of the following:

    Take all the following courses:

        EDP 419 Educational Statistics (3)

        FCS 563 Evaluation in Family and Consumer Sciences and Gerontology (3)

        FCS 592 Internship in Family and Consumer Sciences/Gerontology (3)

        FCS 597 Independent Studies (2)

        FCS 600 Seminar in Administration of Family and Consumer Sciences/Gerontology Programs (3)

        FCS 696 Research Methods (3)

        FCS 697 Directed Research (3)

    Take one of the following courses:

        FCS 692 Directed Project (4)

        FCS 698 Thesis (4)

Complete 6 units of Advisor approved courses in the area of specialization (Consumer Affairs, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Fashion Merchandising or Hospitality Management).

3. Completion of an oral presentation of the Thesis or Directed Project report.


Master of Arts Program Specializations

Please refer to relevant programs for specific specializations.

Following are the additional course choices for all Specializations

CDFS 411 Individual Child Study & Guidance
CDFS 412 Family Interaction
CDFS 418 Parent Education
CDFS 419 Family Life Education
FCS 539 Nutrition & Aging
FCS 502 Child & Family Law
FCS 531 Advanced Community Nutrition
FCS 574 Cost Control in Hospitality Food Service & Hotel Management
FCS 597 Independent Study

Directed Project Requirements (FCS 692) MS/MA

Consumer Affairs Requirements (MA) (MS Word) (.pdf)

Education Requirements (MA) (MS Word) (.pdf)

FMD Requirements (MA) (MS Word) (.pdf)

Faculty Guidelines (MS Word) (.pdf)



* Program of Study MA/MS

* Change in Program of Study MA/MS (.pdf)

*Process for Enrolling in FCS 697: (MS Word) (.pdf)

*Petition to Enroll in FCS 697: (MS Word) (.pdf)

*Signature Page Template for Thesis/Directed Project Proposal (MS Word )

*Request to Graduate Form

Graduate Studies (GS) 700

The deadline for graduate students to register for GS 700 is the end of the add-drop period of the semester or other session in which the student wishes to maintain continuous enrollment for the purpose of completing the culminating activity or graduating. 

By policy, GS 700 can only be taken after all other coursework has been completed.  If a graduate student wishes to take a semester off before resuming coursework, s/he must take a Planned Educational Leave, not GS 700.

To register for GS 700, students must have an authorization slip signed by the Graduate Coordinator.  This form can be obtained from the graduate assistant (FCS 007A) or the CCPE Registration Office, located at the Foundation Building, 6300 State University Drive, Suite 100, Long Beach, CA 90815.