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California State University, Long Beach
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LifeFit Center has Something for You

by Tim Trefts

Adults age 50+ who participated in a fitness program called Strength for Living at the LifeFit Center @ The Beach on campus at California State University, Long Beach have experienced great health and fitness results.
Strength for Living is a 16- Week program led by a fi tness professional with a degree in Kinesiology. The program accommodates a small group of six to eight participants who attend workouts three days per week. Each workout
consists of 30 minutes of resistance training, 30 minutes of cardiorespiratory
training, and 15 minutes of flexibility and balance training.
The first two cohorts to complete the Strength for Living program have experienced improvements in muscular strength, cardiorespiratory fitness,
flexibility, and balance. Further, the participants reported reductions in weight, reductions in medication use, improvements in health, and elevated confidence in their abilities as
On average, participants in Strength for Living improved their upper body strength by 60% and improved their lower body strength by 48%. One parti cipant reported a 20-pound weight loss and a reduction in her blood pressure to healthy levels. Another participant, who has had diabetes her
entire life, experienced the best control over her blood sugar levels to date.
All participants reported activities of daily living, such as getting in and
out of a car, easier to complete.
life fitFor more information about the Strength for Living Program, please visit The LifeFit Center @ The Beach website at:, or call at

More Ways to Stay Fit

by Charles Taylor

One way to improve fitness is exercising with a
impact and involves 12 movements designed to improve balance, flexibility, strength, mental focus, breathing
capacity and vitality!
Join a class at OLLI - Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. See the OLLI schedule for exact Times and Locations.

Leisure World Stick class
with Instructor Shona Howe.
stick 1