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In the Spotlight

by Sylvia Manheim

Time goes by so rapidly. Summer is over like a blink of an eye. We have had wonderful times on trips, visited and enjoyed families and friends,dorisbea
celebrated big birthdays such as Doris Littenberg; her 93rd, Bea Roth at 92, and Harry Futeron his 90th. Kudos to all of these nonagenariens!
harrySydelle Pomi, a loyal OLLI member said, “Patrick McDonough is a living and breathing encyclopedia of theatre from the Greek to the contemporary. He inspires everyone who attends his classes”.
We also have had sadness and loss. Our beloved instructor Judy Mednick, who taught LITERARY POTPOURRI for many years, died of cancer. We will miss her intelligence, wit, her love of teaching and opening the world of literature to all of us.
Last semester went well – Leisure World and the Pine Avenue campus had lots of satisfied students. We like the variety of topics offered in both places, from ART to ACTING and MEDICINE to MUSIC!fred
A real competition is going on between Alan Rosen and Fred Masback. Alan took fifteen classes last semester, and Fred took twelve. They must be tired sitting
so long. In spite of that, they are learning a lot. The competition will continue.
On June 28th, 62 OLLI volunteer instructors met and discussed future plans and techniques for teaching seniors. They explored what would make classes more vibrant and interesting. It appears we have exciting things ahead for all of us.
doloresDolores Volpe, got away from Leisure World and had a fun experience traveling with the Road Scholars group on a musical tour. They listened to great music in Prague, Vienna, and Munich. Perhaps OLLI could set up a trip like that. Have a great and informative semester. Take some classes that you never thought you would take before and take that additional dish of ice cream topped with chocolate and whipped cream!
Enjoy and be well !


OLLI instructor and Governing
Council member-at large
Len Jacobson, has just
published his second book, Flying for GPS. It chronicles his role in the
development and promotion of the Global Positioning System.
Len spent eight months flying two and a half million miles as a missionary for GPS and as a developer of user equipment .
lenHe kept an extensive log of all his flights that
helped him recreate much of what happened to GPS during his career.
His book is about the evolution from expensive, complex and voluminous military sets to today’s low-cost chips buried in our cell phones. It traces a system designed primarily for military and
civilian aircraft , ships and land vehicles
to an essential utility of everyday life, enabling safety and the ability to track
everything that moves. Parallel with the evolution of GPS is that of commercial air
travel as he experienced it, from flying on
a Pan Am 707 in 1963 to a present
day Air France A380.
Len has been reading excerpts of the book to the OLLI MEMOIR WRITING class. The book is available from on-line retailers
and Ebook outlets