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California State University, Long Beach
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American Government and Politics, part 2

by Roz Hertz

jamesDo you remember your high school Civics class? Did you actually pay
attention? You now have an opportunity to delve more deeply into the
various topics that are included under the umbrella of Civics, or American Government. This fall, class leader, James Espinosa is offering a class in POLITICS and GOVERNMENT in AMERICA, Part 2, as a continuation of his highly popular Spring OLLI course.
Although he has obvious expertise in his chosen subject, James Espinosa has not always worked in the fi eld of politics and government. In fact, he worked 40 years in the construction industry, while maintaining a personal interest in history and politics, so much so that while he worked during the day, he began taking evening history classes. He persisted in his education,graduating with a B.A. in history, and an M.A. in political science in
2013 from CSULB. He hopes eventually to be hired to teach American
Government classes in other locations while continuing to teach class at OLLI, which he finds very exciti ng and stimulating.
Whether you took the OLLI Spring course in American Government from James, and want to ex-plore new topics, or you are simply interested in learning about and discussing our system of government as it relates to current local and national issues, this class will interest all. In a course that will include lecture, printed material, and short films related to the topic, class participants will also be encouraged to participate in vigorous
discussions of issues, both historic and current.
This quarter, Mr. Espinosa plans to cover many new topics. The goal is that students will come away with educated opinions based on a more comprehensive understanding of what government does for us and a keen desire to follow up on topics that interest them. Now, maybe you’ll want to give your full attention to this chance to revisit American Government topics with an able guide.

Geo-Politics in the 20th and 21st Centuries

by Jack Blecher

What is geo-politics? The
words are much bandied
about these days.
Richard Lunde, who will be
teaching the class, GEO-POLITICS in
the 20th and 21st CENTURIES, defines it as the study that entwines countries and includes their geography and history. The class will bedick
taught at Leisure World and will be
limited to 30 people. The text that will be used is The Revenge of Geography by Robert
D. Kaplan.
Pre v i o u s l y, Mr. Lunde taught two
classes at OLLI in which the students noted that the geography of movement was
dependent on the geography of the land and the events of the times. This gave rise to his students urging him to teach an entire class with an emphasis on geo-politics. Mr. Lunde has obliged. Every class will open with what is current in the news of the world that week—
a note to remember. The class will also pay special attention to the year 1914, and World War I and the horrors that ensued from that event. Mr. Lunde has been a college professor ,
worked for Xerox and H o n e y - well, and started his own business in Orange County.
He is r e t i r e d now while his two daughters run the business. Incidentally, he mentioned that he has been interested in geography
since the age of fifteen.