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California State University, Long Beach
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Sucessful Aging, Wellness Week at OLLI

by Roz Hertz

With age comes wisdom and with wise aging comes longevity. Read on and you will have the wisdom to live a long and healthy life.
On Monday, April 7, Wellness Week at CSULB began. The first event, The Brault Successful Aging Lecture, was underwritten by OLLI donors Don and Lori Brault. A panel discussion about successful aging and Blue Zones was offered in conjunction with the gerontology program at CSULB. groupThe discussion was moderated by CHHS professor Maria Claver and CSULB lecturer Casey Goeller, a recipient of a
prestigious leadership award from the California Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics.
A recent study on successful aging was headed by National Geographic journalist,
Dan Beuttner, who talked to c e n t e n a r i a n s across the globe. He
identified the locations of “Blue Zones” (areas with many centenarians) as Sardinia, Ikaria in Greece, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, Okinawa in Japan, and the Seventh Day Adventist community in Loma Linda. Among the centenarians he found similar living habits which he called the “Power 9.”9 reasonspanel

The panelists, which included OLLI members Jack Blecher, Sylvia Manheim, Dr. Scott and Mary Mighell and LBCC educator Mary Thoits
(ages ranging from 89 to 93), revealed they were living lifestyles very similar to the Power 9. Our active aging representatives added these five additional tips:
- travel
- don’t fall
- be a fighter (have courage)
- gain medical knowledge
- have a sense of humor
Humor by Dr. Scott Mighell...
A patient sadly notified his doctor that he had shrunk and asked for a cure. The doctor replied that there was currently no cure. He would have to be a little patient.
Happy aging!

Poets Corner

by Linda Carr

In a gala conclusion to the MEMORY INTO POETRY workshop, Dr. Linda Carr’s 25 poets gathered to share a festive buffet, read their poems, and celebrate their new-found talents. poetry
Joanne Yockey wrote a poem for the
occasion that says it all:
The Gift Outright to Robert Frost and to Us
We were the poem
before the poem was ours.
Before we planned and placed the words on the page,
we were the poem.

We were the voice, the memory,
of mother, father, uncle at his loom.
We were the voice of the past and of the future,
giving love and knowledge to our grandchildren
and to our new friends.

Our voice varied,
sometimes sad, sometimes funny,
erratic, ironic, or reverent.

Our images let us see rain, sun, moonlight,
ashes, Salome, Opa’s joke,
the sanctuary of toast and tea.

Now we are storied and artful,
but still waging war with the word.
We are the poem to be.

Joanne Yockey