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California State University, Long Beach
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Memories of Our CSULB, Campus Days

by Judy Granger

judy g

It is not often I can share educational space with my darling daughter, but this little gem of a story may have you thinking back to ancient times when grandmas were in the kitchen all hours of the day cooking for their grandchildren. But Hey! The year is 2014, and this Grandma finally took advice from loving family members by registering for senior university courses at CSULB—or, as we all know it now: OLLI! I didn’t just sign up - I actually showed up for my selected classes!
Was I a little frightened? Did I find it risky? Maybe a little. . . but after thinking back to when my treasured daughter, Lisa, made her way to this very campus to finish her master’s degree in Special Education in 2010, I knew how hard it would be for her to get to evening classes after a full day of teaching middle school students with challenging learning disabilities.
Fortunately, I had just retired and wondered if I could assist by picking her up from her job location—and then driving her to the CSULB campus nearby, so she could be on time for class. Luckily, we formulated a plan in which this happened twice a week. I also decided to “fetch her” after university classes and give her hubby (a music teacher) some free time as well. It was such a welcome relief to drop her off at home, knowing that she didn’t have to traipse around dark, crowded parking lots late at night. So eventually, it seemed like this was my very special campus, too. Every time I entered your gates of learning, I experienced such a lovely, warm neighborhood feeling. How absolutely wonderful to enjoy campus-life again, even though I was there waiting for my daughter, who was determined to finish her courses, and knowing she would do just that!
Heart-felt Kudos! She graduated as planned! Truly, what a gift it was to share this special time with her. Does my pride runneth over? Indeed. . . it still does. Mightily.

What is a Memoir?

by Geoff Carr

Memoirs come in all themes and all sizes and are produced for a variety of reasons. We all believe these vignettes are ours alone, but when shared we find our unique expressions are a part of the human experience.geoff
Judy Granger tells us of her heartwarming experience with an adult child. Most have had similar moments with children of all ages and they continue “forever” until role reversals occur. The story goes on as mother and daughter go to school at the same campus, ours, one to complete her graduate degree, the other to LEARN MORE~AGE LESS.
Let’s thank Judy and invite her daughter to join us when she attains the age of admission to our program.