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Minerva Davis Endowment Scholarship

Amount/Award: $3,000 (13 available)


  1. Must have a major degree objective of a Bachelor of Science in Business, admitted to Accountancy, Finance, Human Resources Management, International Business, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, or Operations and Supply Chain Management as your option at CSULB.
  2. Must maintain at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA or better
  3. Must have participated in an ethical course or certificate program (i.e. Ethics at the Beach, Ethical Leadership 401A/401B)
  4. Preference will be given to full-time students
  5. Scholarship funds will be disbursed the following semester unless you are graduating. Graduating students should be aware that when scholarships are added to student accounts at the end of the semester after financial aid has been disbursed, it may create an over award in financial aid. This means that your financial aid will be adjusted to accommodate the scholarship and you may then owe the difference to the university.

Please submit the following documents to the Center for Scholarship Information (USU-238) in addition to completing the online application form:

  1. Unofficial transcripts from MyCSULB; if previous academic information is not listed please provide an official transcript from those universities
  2. A personal statement describing which ethical course or certificate program you participated and how the course impacted your education (12pt. font, Max. 1 page)
  3. Copy of 2013-2014 Financial Aid Award Summary from MyCSULB