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Testimonials - Saturday MBA

Read what our alumns have to say about the program.

Greg McMahon, Class of 2009

femba pic The decision to pursue the MBA program was an investment in my career. My undergrad was in engineering, but I wanted have the credential and business acumen the MBA offered to further my career. When I started the program I was a sales engineer and when I graduated I had already been promoted to sales manager. I have since changed industries and have gained experience in product development and strategy. Being able to learn from and collaborate with my cohort was the most valuable experience for me. The friends I made are an important part of my personal and professional network that make me glad I was part of the program.

Gina Cerchio, MBA Class of 2011

The most memorable experience I had in the MBA program at CSULB was working for the Long Beach Aquarium to analyze the possibilities for implementing a green program for businesses in Long Beach. This project had real life meaning, and real life consequences, which made our efforts all the more important. 

Jennifer Stellmacher Rheault, MBA Class of 2012

The MBA program has a strong focus on marketing, which makes it a great opportunity for refinement or development.  Also, because of their broad areas of experience, my peers challenged me to think about different marketing perspectives.  Lastly, I commend CSULB for being a marketing leader by introducing upcoming relevant trends, such as sustainability.