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IS Course Description

Information SystemsStandard Course Outline
IS 100. Information Technology Literacy (3)SCO
IS 233. Introduction to Computer Systems and Applications (3)
IS 300. Management Information Systems (3)SCO
IS 301. Business Communications (3)SCO
IS 301L.
IS 310. Business Statistics I (3)SCO
IS 320. Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions (3)SCO
IS 331. Professional and Workplace CommunicationSCO
IS 340. Business Application Programming (3)SCO
IS 355. Introduction to Business Telecommunications (3)SCO
IS 380. Database Management (3)SCO
IS 385. Systems Analysis and Design (3)SCO
IS 410. Business Statistics II (3)SCO
IS 445. Internet Applications Development (3)SCO
IS 455. Local Area Networks (3)SCO
IS 456. Systems Integration and Security (3)SCO
IS 457. Wireless Systems and Mobile Applications (3)SCO
IS 464. Network Modeling and Simulation (3)SCO
IS 470. Decision Support Systems (3)SCO
IS 480. Advanced Database Management (3)SCO
IS 482. Enterprise SystemsSCO
IS 483. Business Applications Using Java (3)SCO
IS 484. Electronic Commerce (3)SCO
IS 485. Information Systems Project (3)SCO
IS 495.
IS 497.
IS 545. Internet Applications Development (3)SCO
IS 550. Business Telecommunications Management (3)
IS 564. Network Modeling and Simulation (3)SCO
IS 580. Management Support Systems and Database Management Systems (3)
IS 584. Electronic Commerce (3)SCO
IS 601. Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decision Making (3)SCO
IS 602. Management of Information Systems (3)SCO
IS 645. Internet Applications Development (3)SCO
IS 664. Network Modeling and Simulation (3)SCO