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CBA Internships & Jobs

With the ever-changing competitive nature of the job market, we are constantly seeking ways to provide our students with practical skills and knowledge, which can differentiate them from other students. Throughout every semester, we strive to develop strong relationships with the business community by establishing internships in all disciplines within the CBA, including Accountancy, Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Management, and Marketing.

New internship opportunities will be posted on the CBA home page under the Centers & Resources link. Students may access these opportunities by clicking on the newly posted link and following the follow-up instructions. Different internship opportunities will have different follow-up requirements. Newly posted internship opportunities will be removed after 30 days. Do not forget that the Career Development Center (CDC) also has internship opportunities and regularly scheduled “interview days” where major companies visit campus to interview for internships and post-graduation jobs. For information visit the CDC website or go in person to the CDC in Brotman Hall 250. Finally, if you have an internship and you wish to receive course credit, please visit CDC to discuss whether your internship qualifies for enrolment in the CBA-493 Internship Course.

Students accepting internships are encouraged to enroll in the CBA-493 Internship Course for three units of pass/fail credit. Students accepting unpaid internships must enroll in CBA-493. If CBA-493 is not being offered at the time the student starts the unpaid internship or if registration is closed, the student must agree in writing that he or she will enroll in CBA-493 the next time registration is open. Intern employers will be required to dismiss an unpaid intern if the student fails to enroll in CBA-493 when it becomes available.

Prospective Intern Employers please visit the "Employers" page for Internship Guidelines.

For more information contact:

Howard Fletcher
Director of Internship
College of Business Administration
Email: cba-internships@csulb.edu