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University Art Museum spotlights Robert Irwin and the Artist Process

Published January 16, 2018

Robert Irwin: Site Debertmined reveals the artist's process and demonstrates how Irwin used landscape as muse and upheld observer as collaborator. Curated by CSULB School of Art faculty member Dr. Matthew Simms, this new exhibition makes clear through the viewing of a multitude of the artist's plans, that Irwin sees plays of light and spatial shifts as opportunities for a particular type of discovery: from visual perception, to environmental participation, to situational revelation. 

The story of Irwin's growth is laid out in this new examination of the practice of an extremely significant artist. Irwin's contributions to the art world are highly personal to CSULB. His first outdoor project was "Window Wall," created in 1975. It has recently been conserved and is located just west of the art store in the School of Art FA buildings complex.

The exhibition runs from January 29-April 15. The opening reception takes place on January 28 from 4-6pm.

For more information, visit the University Art Museum website.

Robert Irwin's work.Robert Irwin's rendering.