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Art & Design Events

Visual Arts on Campus

The CSULB School of Art features a large, five gallery exhibition space devoted to showcasing student work. Exhibitions open on Sundays during the academic year and remain on display through the following Thursday. Gallery hours are Sunday 5-7pm, Monday-Thursday from 12noon-5pm, with extended hours on Wednesday until 7pm.

The University Art Museum is located in the CSULB Horn Center and is open Mon, Tues, Thur from 12-5pm, Weds from 12-8pm, Sun from 12-5pm. Closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and all CSULB holidays.

Design events are generally held in the Duncan Anderson Design Gallery, a multipurpose space within the Design building, on the corner of State University Drive and Deukmejian Way.





University Art Museum

Call and Response, When We Say…You Say

Through April 14

Call and Response, When We Say… You Say is a multi-disciplinary exhibition focused on selective works from UAM’s permanent collection guest curated by Slanguage Studio founders Karla Diaz and Mario Ybarra, Jr. The exhibition will ask Slanguage artists and other community art organizations to respond to these pieces. The intent of this exhibition is to find intersections, value and resonance with the collection of artwork with new generations of audiences and the student population. The meaning of the exhibition title, Call and Response…, is inspired by this act in many cultures such as in tribal and indigenous, traditional religious, cultural rituals or in most contemporary practice in music genres such as Hip Hop. The act of call and response most importantly asks for an active participatory engagement of both the “caller” and “the responder” and it renders a democratic forum for discussion and civic engagement. It also creates an individualistic but also collective language of communication. The curatorial drive for the exhibition has been to select works that engages the six pedagogical points that Slanguage has developed in their organization: Intent, content, context, production, distribution and documentation and that is uses diverse use of genres. 


CSULB School of Art

Metals Group Exhibition/ Valenzuela & Torres,
Drawing & Painting/ Sara Hassan Khani,
Illustration/ Group Shows

February 10-14
CSULB Student Art Galleries
Free Admission

The Metals group exhibition includes work from non-majors, BFA, and MFA students representing the techniques developed and refined in the Metals and Jewelry program. Jacqueline Valenzuela and Vivian Torres use a variety of painting techniques to explore ideas of femininity in a male-dominated world. Sara Hassan Khani creates large scale mix-media drawings based on her transition to living in the United States. The Ellen group exhibition is much like the “exquisite corpse,” the collaborative installation involving multiple sculptural artists will be assembled in the gallery. Dana Blume, Melanie Nuccio, Matthew O’Connor, and Oscar Pearson share paintings thematically centered around still life compositions, thus addressing the meaningful struggle of creating art through in-depth perceptual art-making approaches.


CSULB School of Art

Brimer Group,
Drawing & Painting/ Sorochman & O’Connor,
Drawing & Painting/ Joaquino Group,
Illustration/ Mcloney Group,
Illustration/ Jonathon Hunt, BFA Printmaking

February 17-21
CSULB Student Art Galleries
Free Admission

Hannah Brimer, Riley Natividad, and Sylvan Steightiff exhibit figurative paintings that explore the current political climate surrounding the “me too” movement with compositions that address vulnerability. Sage Sorochman and Matthew O’Connor share painting and installation work showcasing their artistic connection to graffiti. The Joaquino group exhibition brings together artists of different backgrounds through a range of work from 2D illustration to sculpture. Cristior Mcloney, Kimberly DeLeon, and Nathalie Juarez exhibit W*tch B*tch—this show explores queer Latinx identity through folklore, brujeria/spirituality, and culture. Jonathon Hunt’s BFA exhibition features prints, sculptures, and interactive installations to cohesively present topics of perception, drive, and humanity.


CSULB School of Art

Thompson & Nekpenekpen,
Metals/ Marcial Group,
Drawing & Painting / Andrew Phillips,
Sculpture/ Cyone Forrest,
Fiber/ Coloma & Birrer-Fetzer,

February 24-28
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Jillian Thompson and Narumi Nekpenekpen exhibit intimate bodies of work within the safe space of the gallery. The Marcial group exhibition concentrates on the decomposition of things that were once living through the use of oil and acrylic on canvas from six painters. Andrew Phillips investigates the communication of spatial and emotional memories through sculptural forms that reference the home. Cyone Forrest uses the bed as metaphor for safety, retreat, and rest, and how individuals personally manifest those characteristics through fibrous materials. Jonah Coloma and Christina Birrer-Fetzer address ambivalence and change by questioning the materiality of photographic image-making.


CSULB School of Art

Sculpture Group Exhibition/Ha Group,
Ceramics/Shima Taj Bakhsh,
Sculpture/ Joanie Ellen, MFA Wood

March 3-7
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

The Sculpture group exhibition will include all Sculpture BFA students and will be coordinated with a critique exchange with another art institution. Grace Ha, Ashley Gutierrez, and Soim Park use traditional pottery forms to spark a dialogue about power structures in our society today. Shima Taj Bakhsh addresses the inside and outside of a person, of a sculpture, and the loss of boundaries between self and other while utilizing multiple fake walls, air ducts, and video. Joanie Ellen’s presents a basswood sculpture of a body on a fainting couch with video installation in her MFA exhibition …like maddened…raving away on its own.


CSULB School of Art

Advancement Group Exhibition/ Angie Hyun,
BFA Metals/ Poungjinda Group,
Drawing & Painting/ Savannah Paul,
BFA Metals

March 10-14
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

The MFA Advancement exhibition features varied work from advancing MFA candidates. Angie Hyun’s BFA exhibition presents jewelry and other metal works as a form of self-realization. Pawan Poungjinda, Riley Natividad, and Fabian Rubio share painting works that emphasize queer culture and the LGBTQ+ community. Savannah Paul’s BFA exhibition explores femininity through the use of the figure in sculpture and mixed media metal work.


CSULB School of Art

Jenny Rask,
Sculpture/ Lee,
Daneshmand, & Gasio,
Sculpture/ Briana Miyoko Stanley,
Drawing & Painting/ Ink 22,
Printmaking/Estabrook Group,

March 17-21
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Jenny Rask transforms the roles of domestic objects from the expected to new, unusual arrangements. Nicola Lee, Ghazaleh Daneshmand, and Yulia Gasio present an institutional critique that questions the methods that governments and institutions use as weapons of mass destruction on their citizens. Briana Miyoko Stanley presents a projected installation with drawn and woven substrates to engage viewers in a visual dialogue concerning the implications of natural disasters. Ink 22 is a group exhibition themed and curated by BFA Printmaking students. The Estabrook group exhibition showcases individual aesthetics of Ceramics students by recreating a common ceramic form, the toilet.


School of Art

Isabel Avila,
MFA Photography/ Jorge Jimenez,
BFA Ceramics/ Mark Hertzel,
BFA Sculpture/ Evie Erickson,
MFA Drawing & Painting/ Patricia Martin,
MFA Fiber

March 24-28
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Isabel Avila’s MFA exhibition, Occupying the Sacred and Profane, shares a body of photography work reflecting on the history of place and recognition of sacred historical Native American sites. Jorge Jiminez’s BFA exhibition features a self-biographical arrangement of pottery exploring personal iconography. Mark Hertzel’s BFA exhibition features cast concrete sculptures that together offer a deconstructed view of a post-human experience. Evie Erickson’s MFA exhibition showcases multi-element collages made of domestic materials such as sewing patterns and wallpaper with anatomical imagery to explore the archetypal four seasons. Patricia Martin’s MFA exhibition, Weaving Sound, examines thread and sound and how they relate to woven cloth.


CSULB School of Art

Ruth Holladay,
Drawing and Painting/ Jesse Parrott,
Printmaking/ Corrie Willie,
Ceramics/ Kelly Campanella,
Drawing and Painting/Amy Williams,

April 7-11
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Ruth Holladay’s MFA thesis show features portraits in a range of painting styles surrounding a life-sized bust depicting the artist, thus creating a dialogue about the female and millennial experience. Jesse Parrott’s MFA thesis exhibition explores new forms of displaying prints and print-objects that focus on modularity and fragmentation. Corrie Willie’s BFA exhibition is an immersive installation meant to facilitate a psychedelic experience. Kelly Campanella’s MFA thesis exhibition investigates the connection between self and home transformations by deconstructing interior furniture and décor and creating a new interior space. Amy Williams’s MFA exhibition addresses themes of accumulation, disintegration, and connection by presenting separate large-scale multimedia installations that reference organic and bodily forms.


CSULB School of Art

Jennie Jieun Lee,
Ceramics/ Katie Marshall,
Drawing & Painting/ Megan Macuen,
Fibers/Stevean Dupus,
Drawing & Painting/ Talin Tanielian,

April 14-18
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Jennie J. Lee’s MFA exhibition explores themes of inhabitation and neglect in suburban spaces by presenting an array of ceramic pieces that emulate an overgrown lawn. Katie Marshall’s MFA exhibition is a site-responsive installation of paintings that addresses the collision between the cosmic and the earthly, as invoked by the Arizona Meteor Crater. Megan Macuen’s MFA exhibition uses video and text to represent a visual and musical production simultaneously taking place elsewhere. Stevan Dupus’s MFA exhibition presents paintings that capture the social interactions between LGBTQ individuals under the influence. Talin Tanielian’s MFA thesis film follows the story of Mango the Red Panda—an immersive viewing environment will augment the film screening.


CSULB School of Art

Siobhan Keenan,
Illustration-Animation/ Christina Mott,
Illustration-Animation/ Kyu-Yeon Jung,
Illustration-Animation/ Jincong Ni,
Graphic Design/ Sergio Rodriguez,

April 21-25

Siobhan Keenan’s MFA exhibition, A Little Magic, features illustrations that incorporates magical elements within a modern setting. Christina Mott’s MFA exhibitions explores existential questions and subconscious impulses through experimental mixed-media animation and immersive visuals incorporating traditional and digital artmaking techniques with natural and surreal themes. Kyu-Yeon Jung’s MFA thesis film consists of four stop-motion animations consisting of trash to explore environmental issues in relation to waste. Jingcong Ni’s MFA exhibition uses visual effect and interaction in design projects to increase awareness about mental health issues, particularly depression on campus. Sergio Rodriguez’s MFA exhibition features many different forms of media in the exploration of what it means to be human in today’s society.


CSULB School of Art

Illustration/Animation/Pre-Production BFA Group Exhibition

April 28-May 2
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

The Illustration, Animation, and Pre-Production BFA group exhibition features work from graduating Illustration, Animation, and Pre-Production BFA students.


School of Art

Drawing & Painting Group Exhibition/ Photography Group Exhibition

May 5-9
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

The Drawing and Painting BFA group exhibition features work from graduating Drawing and Painting BFA students.  The Photography BFA group exhibition features work from graduating Photography BFA students. 


Industrial Design Program

BA Senior Show

May 6-10
Duncan Anderson Design Gallery and Design 112  
Free Admission


The School of Art and the University Art Museum

Insights 2018: The Annual Student Exhibition

May 9-25; Opening Awards Ceremony
Reception – Thursday, May 9 from 6-8pm
University Art Museum

The exhibit features work by both graduate and undergraduate students from the CSULB School of Art. Juried by faculty members and distinguished alumni, the exhibition highlights work by students in programs including Art Education, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Fiber, Graphic Design, Illustration/Animation, Metal, Photography, Printmaking, and Wood.


CSULB School of Art

Lillian Babcock,
Ceramics/ Althea Fultz,
Ceramics/ Javier Martinez,
Ceramics/ Joshua Thomen,
Sculpture/ Kristen Negron, Ceramics

May 12-16
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Lillian Babcock’s BFA exhibition will consist of multiple sets of themed pottery collections based on historical and cultural pottery and as seen through the lens of the Arts and Crafts movement. Althea Fultz’s BFA exhibition shares ceramic work drawing on the ethoi of Mediterranean antiquity and other obscurity of form. Javier Martinez’s BFA exhibition features high-fired ceramics, thus initiating a conversation surrounding clay and glaze chemistry. Joshua Thomen’s BFA exhibition uses soft sculpture and performance to disrupt the grid—an oppressive structure that exists throughout the modern art world.  Kristen Negron’s BFA exhibitions utilizes clay, bricks, string, and fabrics in the exploration of the phenomenon of memory and the way it shapes personhood despite its transience and fallibility.


Design Department

Senior Show & Exhibition

May 21-24      
Duncan Anderson Design Gallery
and Design 112  
Free Admission