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A Life of Their Own – The first monographic exhibition of David Lamelas

David Lamelas, Signaling of three objects, 1968
David Lamelas, Signaling of three objects, 1968

The University Art Museum (UAM) at California State University Long Beach (CSULB) presents David Lamelas: A Life of Their Own, the first US monographic exhibition of the Argentine-born pioneer of conceptual art, who initially gained international acclaim for his work in the 1968 Venice Biennale, Office of Information about the Vietnam War at Three Levels: The Visual Image, Text and Audio. With A Life of Their Own, customary narratives about conceptual art-makers and their practices in the late 20th and early 21st century are reframed. Exposure to “post-national” artists like David Lamelas unravels tightly bound assumptions about who is represented in the artistic landscape of the United States, this hemisphere, and abroad. 

David Lamelas: A Life of Their Own is on display through December 10.

Venue Information

The CSULB School of Art features a large, five gallery exhibition space devoted to showcasing student work. Exhibitions open on Sundays during the academic year and remain on display through the following Thursday. Gallery hours are Sunday 5-7pm, Monday-Thursday from 12noon-5pm, with extended hours on Wednesday until 7pm.

The University Art Museum is located in the CSULB Horn Center and is open Sunday-Thursday from 12noon-5pm, with extended hours on Wednesday until 8pm. Closed on Fridays and Saturdays and all CSULB holidays.

CSULB School of Art 

Student Art Shows - September 3-7

  • Fiber Non-Degree Group Show
  • Natalie Cruz – Drawing & Painting
  • Elaine Atwood – Drawing & Painting
  • Taylor Austin – Drawing & Painting
  • Teresa Womack – Ceramics

CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Elaine Atwood uses landscape painting and collage techniques to explore relationships between humans and nature, and between canvas and the body. The CSULB Fiber program puts on a group exhibition showcasing a variety of student work. Natalie Cruz constructs an installation of geometrically cut pieces of paper, metal, and lighting to explore materiality and surface. Taylor Austin displays small-scale gouache paintings in a style heavily influenced by pop art to evoke a classic, retro feeling. In a weeklong performance. Teresa Womack will undertake a repetitive set of actions that create time to investigate the color yellow in relation to grief. Data, documentation, and systems of process produced in the planning and execution stages of the performance will be on display.

CSULB School of Art September 10-14

  • Luis Casas – Ceramics
  • Steven Lopez – Animation
  • Joshua Thomen - Sculpture
  • Katia Swihart – Drawing & Painting

CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Using sculpted ceramic letters, Luis Casas spells out words with personal positive and negative connotations. Laid out in various configurations, the letters and words ask viewers to navigate them from different angles and vantage points. Steven Lopez showcases his animation using older technologies, including mechanical flipbooks, a CRT television set, and a projector. Katia Swihart explores tensions, vulnerabilities, and anxieties in gender identity through a sculpture and sound installation. Joshua Thomen uses soft sculptures based on doodles to create narratives and representations of self.

CSULB School of Art September 17-21

  • Janet Davids – Ceramics
  • Amy Williams – Ceramics
  • Jillian Thoman – Photography
  • David Lamelas and Catha Paquette – Art History Film Screening
  • David Hennage and Vivian Chen – Sculptures and Painting

CSULB Student Art Galleries
Free Admission

Janet Davids works with dimensional ceramic forms that span the space of the gallery. Jillian Thoman fills the gallery walls with photographs, drawings, and found objects to explore notions of self, relationships, and personal travels. Dr. Catha Paquette will hold screenings of work by David Lamelas, Hildegarde Duane, and other Southern California video artists. The screenings are in conjunction with the opening of the CSULB University Art Museum’s David Lamelas show. Amy Williams presents an installation of ceramic forms and other media that explore and create connections. Sculptures and paintings by Vivian Chen and David Hennage reflect the artists’ backgrounds and meld Eastern and Western aesthetics and traditions.

University Art Museum

David Lamelas: A Life of Their Own
Through December 10
Admission: Free and Open to the Public

The University Art Museum (UAM) will organize the first monographic exhibition in the U.S. on the Argentine-born artist David Lamelas as part of the Getty Pacific Standard Time Initiative LA/LA. Best known as a pioneer of conceptual art, Lamelas gained international acclaim for his work in the 1968 Venice Biennale, Office of Information about the Vietnam War at Three Levels. After moving to Los Angeles in 1976, Lamelas participated in the Long Beach Museum's influential video arts program, and his ongoing conceptual practice influenced an emerging circle of L.A. artists. Since 1988, Lamelas has divided his time among various cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Brussels, Berlin, and Paris, and the nomadic nature of his practice has been an important influence on his creative production. The UAM exhibition will showcase the extraordinary breadth of his practice—encompassing post-minimalist sculpture, photography, and video installations and films—presenting many of his key works in the U.S. for the first time.

CSULB School of Art September 24-28

  • Emily Jones – Photography
  • Cecilia Gogue – Sculpture
  • Cortnee Brush – Sculpture
  • Tristan Esmino – Sculpture
  • Jose de Jesus Gomez - Photography

CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Emily Jones creates and embodies a cast of characters through installation and performance to investigate identity, eclecticism, and theatricality. Cecilia Gogue uses digital scanning and fabrication techniques to resurrect ancient forms that educate viewers about pre-western society in Guam.  Cortnee Brush’s new media sculpture work investigates themes of eroticism and sexuality through kinetics and electronics. Tristan Esmino presents a performance piece that foregrounds the notion of time in ritualistic practice. Jose de Jesus Gomez works with scale and traditional black and white photographic prints to question landscape tropes and the sublime aesthetic.

CSULB School of Art September 25-29

  • Group Shows
  • Annie Compean and Lainey Atwood – Drawing & Painting
  • Steven Esperanza – Photography

CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Asia Roberge, Samantha Tagaloa, Yoni Keynan, and Dalia Perez investigate the role of olfactory perception in human experience in a series of two-dimensional works that respond to particular scents. Annie Compean and Lainey Atwood exhibit their collaborative endeavors in paintings that reference both figurative abstraction and observational still life. Lauren Kitching, Jordan Djahangiri, Alaina Tinirello and Annel Labrador present a female-driven show of multi-media works reflecting the mise en scène where various personal experiences unfolded. Steven Esperanza uses photography to examine a youth culture that has emerged around a shared interest in drifting.

CSULB School of Art October 8-12

  • Juliet Johnson – BFA Sculpture
  • Krista Paulsen – Illustration
  • Grace Kroll – Graphic Design
  • Lisa Ikerd-Carradine - Ceramics

CSULB Student Art Galleries
Free Admission

Juliet Johnson’s BFA exhibition presents sculpture and video installations that examine the body, the self, and the trope of feminine hysteria.  Krista Paulsen’s small-scale gouache paintings draw inspiration from CSULB’s primary architect, Edward Killingsworth. Working in a variety of 2-D and 3-D media, Grace Kroll constructs pieces that invite viewers to empathize with those who have ADHD. Lisa Ikerd-Carradine explores gender roles through figurative ceramic work.

CSULB School of Art October 15-19

MFA Advancement Exhibition
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

The MFA Advancement exhibition features varied work from advancing MFA candidates.

CSULB School of Art October 22-26

  • BFA Metals Group Show 
  • Vanessa Olivarez – Sculpture
  • Ink 19 - Printmaking

CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

The BFA Metals Group Show features work by Skylar Bao, who presents metal sculptures and jewelry works inspired by them. Karen Wong explores fluidity within the medium of metal in small-scale sculptural works. Angela Lee creates an installation showcasing skills acquired through metalworking. Amanda Fisher uses prints and jewelry-sized pieces to explore intricacies of form, pattern, and texture found in the natural world. Vanessa Olivarez creates an immersive experience through video, scent, and sensor-activated sculpture. Ink 19, a thematic group exhibition of prints, features works made by students in all printmaking classes. BFA printmaking students curate the exhibition.

CSULB School of Art October 29-November 2

  • Miriam Haddon – MFA Fiber
  • Yoni Keynan & Caitlyn Hunter – Illustration
  • Dulce Soledad Ibarra – Sculpture
  • Nicholas O’Connell – BFA Sculpture

CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Mimi Haddon’s MFA exhibition transforms the Gatov galleries into an installation that investigates connections between light and materiality. In a collaborative effort, Yoni Keynan and Caitlyn Hunter explore humor, relationships, and elemental forces through characters of their own creation. Dulce Soledad Ibarra’s work seeks to re-examine and reclaim the history of the piñata in hopes of fostering a dialogue between communities inside and outside the art world. Nicholas O’Connell uses found objects and materials to question and complicate spatial orientation.

CSULB School of Art November 5-9

  • Graduate Critique Week
  • Cintia Segovia Figueroa – MFA Photography
  • Katie Marshall – Drawing & Painting
  • Terry Liu – MFA Illustration/Animation

CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Graduate Critique Week features diverse work from graduate students in Printmaking, Fiber, Photography, Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, and Metals. This graduate showcase includes critique sessions by visiting artists and critics that are open to the public. Cintia Segovia Figueroa’s exhibition foregrounds the absurdity of the naturalization process in a show that explores citizenship, language, and the bureaucracy of immigration services. Katie Marshall uses line and printed materials to articulate a space that is at once vast and intimate, psychological and concrete. Terry Liu’s exhibition connects viewers to storytelling, travel, and new places through full-color illustrations paired with podcasts.

CSULB School of Art – University Art Museum November 12-16

Illustration & Animation BFA Group Exhibition
CSULB Student Art Galleries
Free Admission

The Illustration & Animation BFA group exhibition features work from graduating Illustration and Animation BFA students.

CSULB School of Art – University Art Museum November 26-30

Photography BFA and Drawing and Painting Group Exhibitions
CSULB Student Art Galleries
Free Admission

The Photography BFA group exhibition features work from graduating Photography BFA students. The Drawing and Painting BFA group exhibition features work from graduating Drawing and Painting BFA students.

CSULB School of Art December 3-7

50th Annual Holiday Art Sale
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

The 50th annual Holiday Art Sale will occupy all the School of Art Galleries. The sale will feature an array of amazing handcrafted, hand-printed, and wonderfully inspiring one-of-a-kind pieces. All are available for purchase. Gallery hours are Sunday - 4-7pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 12noon-5pm. Wednesday from 12-7pm.

CSULB School of Art December 10-14

  • Soroush Moghim – BFA Sculpture
  • Martin Hernandez – BFA Wood
  • Claudia Solorzano – BFA Ceramics
  • Erika Belanger – BFA Ceramics
  • Tony Baker – BFA Ceramics

CSULB Student Art Galleries
Free Admission

Soroush Moghim’s BFA exhibition features an immersive and dream-like setting in viewer’s movement through space triggers visual and audio events. Martin Hernandez’s BFA exhibtion showcases objects made from wood that propose new approaches within art, craft, woodworking, design, and making. Claudia Solorzano’s BFA uses ceramics and other media to portray affection and appreciation for another. Erika Belanger’s BFA exhibition features anthropomorphic forms in ceramics and other media represent states of grief and remembrance. Tony Baker BFA exhibition features large-scale ceramics installation to explore how our surroundings influence us.

CSULB School of Art December 17-21

Teaching Credential Final Exhibition, Art Education
CSULB Student Art Galleries  
Free Admission

Art Education credential students display artwork as well as documentation of their academic progress and teaching experience within the program.