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CNSM Commencement 2019

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
1:00pm on the CSULB Track and Field

For the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM)

Those participating in the ceremony will assemble in the designated assembly area near the CSULB Track and Field beginning at 12:00pm.

Commencement Awards

The College is proud of our students' achievements, and award recipients are named and recognized during the ceremony. Award certificates are presented to students prior to the college ceremony, usually in departmental award ceremonies. Students are encouraged to consult with their major advisors for their eligibility for CNSM Commencement Awards.

Don't hesitate: many of the deadlines are in February or early March.

Ceremony Location

CSULB Track and Field on lower campus. Graduates will proceed to the line-up by the Track and Field area. Guests will be directed to the guest seating.

Invitation from the College

All Candidates in CNSM who filed for graduation in Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Spring 2019, and Summer 2019, or Fall 2019 by the deadlines will receive a letter of invitation from the Dean.


We encourage you to invite family and friends to attend as your guests. Children who are accustomed to sitting quietly in large groups are welcome at Commencement. Most guest most parking will be within a 15 minute walk of the commencement seating area. Guests are encouraged to arrive at least one hour prior to the ceremony, allowing time to park, walk to the ceremony sit, and find seating. Sun protection is encouraged, however, umbrellas will not be permitted as they will block views. In addition, those who seek relief from the midday sun and heat are welcome to view the ceremonies in the nearby, air-conditioned Pyramid.

Where to Assemble

Graduates may assemble for the procession beginning at 12:00pm, but no later than 12:30pm. Follow signs to the assembly area adjacent to the commencement seating on the CSULB Track and Field when you arrive on campus. Complete the name card distributed in the processional line. The card will be used by a reader to read your name when you cross the platform.

Hooding - Masters Candidates

Consult your major department. Hooding of Masters Candidates is done at department gatherings before the Commencement Ceremony.

Line Up - Masters Candidates

Line up according to departmental order in two columns behind the Masters' Candidates banner. Faculty marshals and college staff will assist at the line-up.

Line Up - Undergraduates

There will be department direction signs in the designated line up area adjacent to the commencement seating area on the CSULB Track and Field. Line up behind the department sign for your major. Faculty marshals and college staff will assist at the line-up.

CNSM Commencement Program

If you filed to graduate on time with an expected graduation date of December 2018 through December 2019, your name will be printed in the College's Commencement Program that will be on your seat at Commencement. Additional copies will be available at the ceremony.


A commercial photographer will be taking two pictures of each graduate during the ceremony, one while the graduate crosses the platform, and the other after the graduate leaves the platform. Photo proofs will be emailed to the email listed on the name card.

Alternate Viewing Options

The CNSM Commencement ceremony will be livestreamed in the Walter Pyramid for guests as an alternative to outdoor viewing. The ceremony will also be livestreamed on the university's webpage. The following TV viewing options are available: live broadcast on Beach TV cable television which is carried on Channel 95 on Spectrum Cable in Long Beach, Channel 28 in Lakewood, and Channel 25 on Verizon FiOS in Long Beach.

Graduation Portraits

Graduation portraits are taken by Studio94 Photography and can be scheduled at: Studio94 Photography.

More Information

Additional information can be found at CSULB Commencement.