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About the College

Mission Statement

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is a center of scientific learning in Long Beach offering excellent educational opportunities.
Our student-centered instructional and research environment fosters equity, diversity, and access; mentors students for lifelong success by elevating character, skills, and mindset; creates scientific knowledge through research; and promotes science and mathematics in our community.

The College of Natural Science and Mathematics (CNSM) is a national leader in integrating undergraduate research and education. Faculty research informs student instruction and inquiry based labs develop student understanding of the scientific method and create student excellence in science and math learning. The College’s mission is to educate the next generation of scientists and mathematicians, as well as a science-literate citizenry, through outstanding teaching and research programs within the following departments:

CNSM faculty conduct research projects that offer opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students to be involved in cutting edge research addressing questions asked in a wide variety of subjects including astrophysics, heart and neurologic disease, cancer drug delivery methods, earthquakes, and “urban ocean” issues such as overfishing, pollution, and invasive species. Faculty mentored research encourages students to develop critical and analytical thinking in the classroom, the research lab, and the field setting. Graduates are prepared to fill critical roles in industry and they also form a substantial pipeline of K-12 science and math teachers for California.