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Providing Quality Engineering Education

Dean Forouzan GolshaniWelcome. I'm Forouzan Golshani, Dean of the College of Engineering.

California State University and CSULB have a long and proud tradition of providing affordable educational access to diverse and underserved populations. That part of the story is well-known. But in the College of Engineering, another chapter is being written, with new faculty from stellar schools instilling the dynamic spirit of innovation into fresh generations of students.

Graduating from engineering schools like GeorgiaTech, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, and UIUC, our College’s newest faculty have expertise in such cutting-edge specialties as advanced composites, data analytics, engineered tissues, high-efficiency storage devices, microelectromechanical systems, optoelectronics, robotics, smart grids, and sustainable energy.

Our highly diverse students—many of them the first in their families to attend college—will be the beneficiaries of this tremendous burst of fresh energy and perspective. Supplementing the 180 dedicated full- and part-time faculty working in the College’s six departments, these high-caliber hires are allowing us to expand into new areas and offer the diverse student body that we attract an even more comprehensive and valuable educational experience.

The College has much to celebrate, including launch of a new major in the fast-growing field of Biomedical Engineering, a planned expansion of our research labs, establishment of a National Academy of Inventors chapter, and introduction of many more facilities and services designed to help students succeed—the Writing & Communication Resource Center, the Graduate Student Success Center, the Dudley Library, and the Engineering Veterans Center. This year, we also launched the Dean's Leadership Institute, which gives high-achieving students an opportunity to develop leadership qualities by connecting and conversing with industry and community executives.

With 5,000 students, and 1,200 new graduates each year, the College of Engineering continues to produce the skilled professionals that keep Southern California’s economy thriving. Although much has changed over the past six decades, the College’s dedication to providing students with a comprehensive and quality engineering education hasn’t wavered. We hope you’ll visit to discover more about what the CSULB College of Engineering offers.