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Elementary Subject Matter Waiver

After considerable effort on the part of the College Administration, Faculty, & Staff, the Liberal Studies Program (both ITEP & BA) is a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing-Approved Elementary Subject Matter Preparation ProgramStudents who follow the current core requirements or curriculum of the Liberal Studies program at CSULB may be eligible to utilize their coursework to meet the Elementary Subject Matter Competency requirement for Teacher Credentialing.

  • Students who graduate from the Liberal Studies program at CSULB and complete all required coursework will not need to provide CSET scores for Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credential Programs in the state of California starting July 2017. These students will instead earn a CSET waiver letter for proof of Subject Matter Competency.
  • Students who graduate with a Liberal Studies or Elementary Education program through another institution may submit a request for an evaluation for Subject Matter Competency if the degree earned is not from a Commission-Approved Subject Matter Preparation Program. Starting February 2020, students who graduate from an institution with a Commission-Approved Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Program will not be provided an evaluation for Subject Matter Competency through CSULB, and will be instructed to contact their home or degree-earning institution regarding a CSET Waiver. For a list of all Approved Subject Matter Programs in California, refer to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing Website (link). 

Requesting an Evaluation

Students currently attending CSULB and/or who graduated from a program at CSULB will not be required to submit a fee - they will be provided a free evaluation. Individuals who graduated from a Liberal Studies or Elementary Education program at another institution without a commission-approved subject matter program, and are not attending CSULB currently, will be required to pay a $50.00 fee.

Evaluation Fee
Are you a Current CSULB Student and/or Graduated from CSULB? Evaluation Fee
Yes No Fee
No $50.00

Evaluations take approximately 4-6 weeks to be processed. Requests will not be expedited, and are completed on a first come, first serve basis.

To Request an Evaluation for Elementary Subject Matter Competency at CSULB, Complete the Request Form


Requesting an Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Letter After an Evaluation

If a student needs to obtain an official Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Letter as proof of Subject Matter Competency for an employer or other programs at other institutions, students may contact the Department of Liberal Studies at to request an Official Letter through CSULB.  Students requesting an official letter must have already had an evaluation completed beforehand.

To retrieve the Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Letter, students may pick up the document at the Teacher Preparation Advising Center in EED-67 or have a copy sent by email.