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CalTPA 1.0 Resources

The resources on this webpage only apply to CalTPA 1.0 (Tasks 1-4) and DO NOT APPLY TO CalTPA 2.0 (Cycles 1 & 2).

Important Notes/Reminders

  • The CalTPA 1.0 (Tasks 1-4) requires anonymous submission and blind scoring. No submissions may have identifying information such as your name or CSULB ID number. 
  • You must complete the "Original Work and Consent Form" on TaskStream before you can submit the Task. You have the option to agree to let your Task and score be used for teaching and research purposes. If you do so, anonymity will be maintained.
  • Be sure to disable all pop-up blockers from your web browser.
  • For official communication purposes, you must maintain an up-to-date email address on TaskStream. All CalTPA-related information will be shared via this address.


  • Beginning Fall 2018, candidates must enroll in the appropriate task-specific CalTPA 1.0 Submission Course through CCPE to submit/resubmit CalTPA 1.0 Tasks 1-4. 
  • CalTPA 1.0 Tasks 1-4 will continue to be submitted/resubmitted in TaskStream which is why it is extremely important for candidates to maintain an active TaskStream account after enrolling in a CalTPA 1.0 Submission Course through CCPE. 
  • Please allow between 3 and 5 days after your enrollment for the Task/s to appear in your TaskStream account.  If you are having trouble locating your Task/s in TaskStream, please contact the Assessment Office at (562) 985-2506.

Consent Forms and Permission Slips for Video Taping

Video Cameras

Candidates must provide their own SD card (1GB or larger) and AA batteries. SD cards are available for purchase at the University Bookstore or another electronic store.  To check-out a camera from the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (TPAC), please call 562-985-1105.

Video Compression Directions (PDF)

CSULB CalTPA 1.0 Policies