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Education Specialist Credential Professional Level II

NCATE Category:  Advanced Teacher Preparation Description/Summary: 

Students in this master’s degree program work toward attaining leadership positions in public and private schools and agencies in the community that provide services for individuals with disabilities. The program is aimed at developing advanced skills and knowledge of current research in special education, and demonstration of the ability to engage in reflective inquiry. The program culminates with a thesis or comprehensive exam. The program does not result in a credential to teach students with disabilities. Students who want to teach individuals with disabilities should refer to the Education Specialist Credential Program section.

Professional Level II Education Specialist Credential preparation is intended to enable new Education Specialist teachers to apply their Level I preparation to the demands of their professional positions while also developing as reflective practitioners in advanced skill areas and knowledge. The Level II program incorporates several courses in the Masters of Science in Special Education program and students are encouraged to apply to the M. S. in Special Education program.

For more information, please visit the Special Education Credential Program (ESCP) website.

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