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Welcome to the New Liberal Studies Department Chair, Dr. Corinne Martinez

Published February 7, 2020

Dr. Corinne Martinez is Chair of the Liberal Studies Department and Associate Professor in Teacher Education. She is a first-generation Chicana, born and raised in the greater east side of Los Angeles. Dr. Martinez completed her Ph.D. at UCLA, her master’s degree from Cal State Los Angeles in Education Foundations with coursework toward a bilingual teaching credential.  

Corinne Martinez
Dr. Corinne Martinez

Her prior teaching experience includes work as a Language Arts teacher, a Reading Specialist and English as a Second Language Teacher.  Dr. Martinez has worked as an advisor on policy issues impacting the schooling of urban youth in the city of Los Angeles and as a Professional Expert assigned to provide technical assistance to local middle and high schools.
More recently, Dr. Martinez was appointed Director for the CSU Collaborative for the Advancement of Linked Learning (CSU CALL). As Director for the CSU CALL, Dr. Martinez leads the CSU Long Beach team and coordinates with other CSU campuses to further develop, scale up, and institutionalize CSU strategies for educator preparation and professional development for Linked Learning. 
Dr. Martinez's research interests include Latinx secondary schooling and college access for urban youth. Her current research focuses on secondary school reforms designed to promote college and career readiness within urban communities.