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The College of Education Honors Top Graduate Students with Dean's List Award

Published June 29, 2018

Each year a small pool of graduate students are selected by their faculty to receive the Graduate Dean’s List Award. These top master’s students exemplify outstanding academic and creative excellence, special achievements, contributions to their respective field, and participation in scholarly and/or professional organizations, among other criteria. This year, the College of Education honored 11 graduate students with this award at the College’s annual Awards Recognition Reception. Congratulations to the graduates!

Graduate Dean’s List 2017-2018

Gloria Alday, M.A., Social & Cultural Analysis of Education
Nicole Bear, M.A., Educational Administration
Allison Bondus, Ed.S., School Psychology
Enrique Campos, M.A., Social & Cultural Analysis of Education
Jessica Lubs, M.A., Educational Administration
Megan Maguire, M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy
Delia (Stephanie) Mariscal, M.A., Dual Language Development
Sandra Ochoa Keeley, M.S., Counseling, School Counseling
Mai-Thi Pham, M.S., Student Development in Higher Education
Allison Underwood, Ed.S., School Psychology
Anna von Haumeder, M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy

Photos of Graduate Dean's List Awardees
Top row: Gloria Alday, Nicole Bear, Allison Bondus, Enrique Campos
Middle row: Jessica Lubs, Megan Maguire, Delia (Stephanie) Mariscal, Sandra Ochoa Keeley
Bottom row: Mai-Thi Pham, Allison Underwood, Anna von Haumeder