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Drs. Kristi Hagans, Cara Richards-Tutor & Alejandra Priede Awarded $1.2 million Grant

Published October 1, 2018

Drs. Kristi Hagans, Cara Richards-Tutor, and Alejandra Priede were awarded a $1.2 million, 5-year OSEP training grant to recruit, train, and graduate 12 school psychologists and 12 dual credentialed teachers who are highly qualified to implement evidence-based, intensive Tier 3 academic assessment and instructional practices to improve outcomes of students with disabilities, as well as culturally diverse students and English learners. Project completers will be skilled in interdisciplinary collaboration, collecting instructionally relevant assessment data and engaging in data based decision-making, designing and delivering evidence-based intensive instruction, and facilitating systems change to implement and sustain Tier 3 intervention practices to improve the academic outcomes of students with disabilities and those from culturally- and linguistically-diverse backgrounds with intensive academic needs.