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BEACH 2030: The College of Education Explores Possible Futures in Higher Education

Published September 24, 2018

As part of BEACH 2030, a long-term strategic plan kicked off this fall by the university, the College of Education (CED) is engaging in futurist planning to help identify education trends to better meet the needs of future students. Through on-campus and off-site events, the CED is engaging in conversations, research, and forecasting to identify trends, opportunities, and possible threats to shape a more preferred future for the College and CSULB. An innovative approach to strategic planning, BEACH 2030 looks 12 years ahead, and asks the campus and wider community to do the same to help shape the university’s future.

Part of the campaign includes an online, open-to-the-public, 2-day event called Imagine BEACH 2030, where everyone – campus faculty, university staff, students, community members, alumni – can log-on and lend their voice and thoughts to help influence the future of The Beach through online discourse. Imagine BEACH 2030 will provide an online forum where anyone can share an idea or start a conversation about how they envision the future of the university. To help start the conversation around this initiative, the College of Education has led two formal events where audience engagement guided the future-forward discussions.

At the statewide teachers conference, Better Together: CA Teachers Summit, held in July 2018 at CSULB, CED Dean Shireen Pavri, Associate Dean Laura Portnoi, and former Associate Dean Cynthia Grutzik, faciliated a panel discussion exploring the future of teaching and learning. The audience-led conversation was directed via prompts aimed at engaging the group toward discussion, debate, and idea-generation. Responding to a series of “What if…” questions the audience was given the opportunity to freely imagine education-related scenarios, such as, “What if every learner in 2030…? What if every teacher in 2030…? What if the College and P12 schools together in 2030…” What if public education in 2030…?” By asking “What if…?”, the possibilities could be endless.

Dean Pavri Addresses the College at Convocation
Dean Shireen Pavri asks “What if…” at Convocation 2018

CED’s Convocation continued this momentum through videos and activities with questions that ranged from the future of social justice in education to future generations benefitting from today’s innovations. A discussion guide allowed faculty and staff to go a step further to imagine the possibilities, identify opportunities, threats and worries, and how to be proactive toward perceived trends in higher education.

CED faculty and staff discuss future-forward discussion prompts
CED faculty and staff discuss future-forward discussion prompts

In the coming weeks, the College of Education will deepen this engagement through futures study, a research-based principal that looks for signals that can possibly indicate larger trends coming down the pipeline, and to prepare the College and its community (both on-campus and off) to actively participate during the 2-day Imagine BEACH 2030 online event. Open to all, the event will ask each participant to help imagine a better, greater, and more excellent CSULB. It will challenge each participant to think of how the university can better serve its students and meet the needs of a rapidly changing society and world.

Join the College of Education and the CSULB community online November 14 and 15 to lend your thoughts to BEACH 2030. Help us imagine the possibilities. RSVP to participate!

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