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Accelerated MBA

Program Snapshot

Program Overview

The Accelerated Full-time MBA program focuses on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It prepares you with the quantitative and analytical skills that you will need to start your career as an entrepreneur (innovating by starting your business) and intrapreneur (innovating within an established company).  The curriculum is focused on developing leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation: 

  • Identify new venture opportunities through the lean start-up method.
  • Learn how to write a business plan. 
  • Learn how to raise Angel and Venture capital to finance your start-up. 
  • Learn how to bring ideas for new products and services to market. 
  • Learn how to manage a small business venture. 
  • Learn how to identify business opportunities.   

What you learn in this program can also be applied to working in a medium to large corporation because companies are always innovating and creating new ideas and products (intrapreneur). 


Our Concierge Package includes the following paid through your tuition:

Fast Track For Undergraduates

If you are on CSULB College of Business undergraduate and you are interested in learning more about our Fast Track program.

Student Testimonial 


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