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Accelerated MBA

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The Accelerated Full Time MBA program with its focus on entrepreneurship and innovation prepares you with the quantitative, analytical and strategic skills that you will need to identify strategic market opportunities.  This includes learning how to bring ideas for new products and services to market, and the ability to quantify risk, manage a small business venture and identify business opportunities. What you learn in this program can also be applied to working in a medium to large corporation because companies are always innovating and creating new ideas and products.

The AMBA program is a cohort-based, 48-unit program, beginning in the fall; classes are held during the day.  Each cohort consists of a carefully selected group of young professionals with little or no experience in the business world. You will work on exciting business problems across disciplines that will prepare you to start your own business as well as succeed in an organization. 

Internship experience is required for the Accelerated Full Time MBA. Students are required to complete this internship as early as the first summer session. The internship can be between 20 and 40 hours per week, paid or unpaid.  This is an opportunity to learn more about the industry/company that the student is interested in and get some work experience and hopefully, a foot in the door.  Internships can be in southern California or anywhere else in the United States. Students do not have classes during the summer so that they can focus on getting some industry experience.  This also will prepare international students to apply for their OPT the following year.  The objective of the program and this internship is for every student to have an offer by graduation.  More info on the internship requirements.

In the second year of the program, students will be involved in the COB Incubator program to learn how to develop a business plan around a new product or service.  They will learn how to work in teams and compete in the Innovation Challenge. Finalists in this competition win $50,000 in cash and in-kind services.


What is Included?

Your tuition includes all of your textbooks and required materials, on campus parking, and the cost of the international trip.  Students are responsible for airfare and transportation to and from the airport of the destination.  Cost of the program is $950 per unit, or $45,600 for the entire 48-unit program.


Students are required to participate in a three-day orientation at a downtown Long Beach Marriott hotel. The focus of the orientation is to prepare the student to work in teams, master the Harvard case discussion method, and begin the preparation for their career post-graduation. During the orientation, students get to know faculty, fellow students and alumni of the program and begin to work as teams. The orientation is included in the cost of the program.

Career Services

Career planning and management are an important benefit of the Accelerated Full Time MBA. Students begin their career planning after they have been admitted and support continues for up to a year after graduation.  Students work with a career advisor on identifying career goals and developing a job search strategy, as well as resume writing, interviewing, and other important career skills.


We take an integrative approach to explore the business, societal and ethical dimensions of the business organization. During the first nine months, the program focuses on the core business curriculum and introduces the student to entrepreneurship and innovation. In the second year of the program, students  will be involved in the Innovation Challenge and the university Incubator to learn firsthand how to develop a business idea. A 3-unit Career preparation course intended to help students be well prepared to get an internship during their first summer. In the second half of the program, we integrate entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the curriculum.  The program offers a learning context in which you will have the opportunity to participate as a consultant or to be part of an innovation team.  During winter break, the second year students will do entrepreneurial fieldwork in a study abroad format. See a sample schedule.

International Travel

The program includes a three-unit, mandatory international trip where students work with local businesses that face critical international issues. The program has visited Argentina, Chile, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain.

Policy about trip attendance (PDF)

Program Profile

  • Average class size: 29
  • Average age: 24
  • Average GPA: 3.25
  • GMAT range: 530-730
  • GRE range: 144-162 


  • Women: 68%
  • International; 52%

Undergraduate Majors

  • Business 
  • Engineering

Program Requirements

Please review Admission Information for General Application Requirements for the program.



Will Accelerated Full Time MBA Applicants be interviewed? 

Applicants will not be interviewed; however, a Video Statement of Purpose is required for the Admissions application.

Do you require work experience?

We look for candidates who demonstrate leadership and academic potential. Work experience is not required, but we do prefer at a minimum one year of work experience.  If you do not have one year of work experience you will be required to complete a summer internship halfway through the program. This is designed to make sure that all students have some work experience when they graduate.

Are there areas of specialization available in the AMBA Program? 

The Accelerated Full Time MBA has a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Do you have any special career programs for students

The goal of the Graduate Career Mentor Program within the College of Business at CSU Long Beach is to connect professionals with current CSULB College of Business graduate students to form a mentor-mentee relationship.

  • Career course
  • Internship Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Resume Book for Employers

Learn more about the program.