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Finding BUILD Mentees

Students in the BUILD program are selected for interest and potential to succeed in a health-related research career. As part of the application process, they are required to find their own Research Mentor and advised to use the BUILD Faculty Mentor Directory as a resource. The best way to attract BUILD mentees to your program is to make sure that your profile in the Directory is up-to-date and written in layman's terms. Here are some tips to help you.

How To Update Your Profile in the BUILD Faculty Mentor Directory

New BUILD trainees are advised to seek their mentors by using the BUILD Faculty Mentor Directory site. To better attract the right mentees to your program, it is advisable that you make sure your BUILD Research Mentor Profile it up-to-date. You can do that by following these instructions:

click on the edit icon

  1. Go to
  2. Locate your profile
  3. Click on the edit icon in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Update your information
  5. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

To help you navigate the mentor database, you watch this instructional video:

Update Mentor Profile Video

Tips for Creating a Compelling Mentor Profile

  • Describe your research in terms that a layperson can understand. These young students are not necessarily up on your field’s jargon and terminology.
  • Include your mentor/trainee contract if you use one. This helps prospective mentees decide if you might be a good fit for their interests or not.
  • If you’ve had BUILD mentees in your lab before, mention them. Knowing that someone from our program has already been in your lab can be more appealing to students.

If you need help updating your entry, massaging your content so that it is more appealing to young students, or will not be able to accept new students next year, please email the Digital Media & Communications Specialist.

Let Us Spotlight Your Work

Increasing your visibility to the CSULB BUILD community can help you not only recruit new mentees, but also fellow mentors for potential collaborations. We spotlight our mentors in the Research Mentor News, in the BUILD Center and in social media. If you would like your work highlighted, please take a moment to download the survey (Word File) and return it to the Digital Media & Communications Specialist. The survey allows you to choose where your spotlight can be shared.