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Faculty Mentorship & Pedagogy

These programs provide opportunities for faculty, post-docs, staff, and administrators to develop intercultural competence as mentors and teachers, including tools to communicate more effectively with students of diverse backgrounds and methods to facilitate student identity and success in health-related research careers.

Intercultural Innovation

Dr. Malcolm Finney is BUILD's Intercultural Innovation Coordinator, who offers expert insight on culturally-responsive mentoring approaches and intercultural (intergroup) communication. His work considers different methods to enhance mentors' and teachers' communication with students of diverse linguistic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, and to foster student success in the health-related research disciplines.

Workshop sessions for Fall 2016 can be found on the Multicultural Awareness Workshops page. Dr. Finney usually offers two workshop sessions open to all (RSVP required at least two weeks prior to the event, e-mail: Malcolm Finney (

  • Session 1: Effective Mentoring in a Multicultural Setting: Cultivate awareness of cross-cultural communication patterns and expectations as faculty mentors of students of diverse social, linguistic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Session 2: Empowering Underrepresented Students in a Diverse Classroom: Develop effective communication skills used to foster relationships with underrepresented students and empower them to achieve academic and professional success in STEM and related disciplines.

Education Innovation

Dr. Kelly Young is BUILD's Education Innovation Coordinator, who offers expertise in scientific pedagogy to engage students early and consistently throughout their undergraduate experience. She is widely recognized for her effective Faculty Learning Communities applicable to STEM fields. Last semester, she developed an inaugural BUILD Mentoring Community (BMC)  that is aligned with the Entering Mentoring Program, which is sponsored by the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN).

BUILD faculty mentors are encouraged to contact Dr. Young ( to enroll in the BMC program (offered every Fall and Spring term).

BUILD Mentors Colloquia

Coming Academic Year 2016-17, this colloquium will be held to create a venue to consult with the community of mentors of students, learn from experts in various aspects of mentorship and pedagogical methods, and to increase awareness of research and training opportunities for faculty and students. Discussions include reporting on BUILD findings, experiences with mentees and classroom students, results from the BMC, and sharing of new literature and technology relating to mentorship, pedagogy, and culturally- and contextually-relevant pedagogy. An invited diversity expert will contribute a presentation to promote discussions.

  • To Be Announced