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Identity Toolkit

University Seal

The Seal is the imprimatur of the university, however, it is not a logo. It is to be reserved for Official Academic and Business Documents: Degrees/Diplomas, Certificates, Awards, Business Cards, Letterhead. Documents displaying the Seal imply official sanction by the University and require approval of the Marketing and Communications team.

Word Mark

The university’s name has been designed using a specific font type that is to be applied to marketing collaterals, such as brochures, ads, posters, signage, etc.

Long Name Specs


Download  Word Mark & Seal

Long name

Name stacked

The Seal

Color Guidelines

Pantone: 124C

R:235 G:169 B:27

C:7 M:35 Y:100 K:0


100% Black
For richer black, please check with your printer's optimal specifications.