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BeachBoard 2018 - a new BeachBoard

Beachboard 2018 on a mobile device

BeachBoard 2018 brings about a new look and feel to the CSULB learning site. We want to make sure you're prepared for this visual change so here's a quick rundown of what's new and what may have changed locations.

On the go: Simplified, adaptable and ready.

BeachBoard 2018 is mobile-friendly.

  • Easier to read and interact with
  • Menus condense on mobile devices
  • Content will adapt to fill the width of your device's screen


Before and After

Compare the Current BeachBoard with BeachBoard 2018. Select an option, and then cClick and drag the slider to see the transformation.


This frame contains a before and after shot between the current BeachBoard and BeachBoard 2018 on a desktop.


This frame contains a before and after shot between the current BeachBoard and BeachBoard 2018 on a mobile device.


How Things Will Look in BeachBoard 2018

Your Courses and Organizations

Easy to manage. Pin to place for easy access.

  • Access your courses and organizations via the 'My Course Grid' button  BeachBoard Courses Box
    • Using your desktop computer or tablet you'll find this at the top of the page
    • On your phone, the 'My Course Grid' button is accessible from the 'Stacked Menu' BeachBoard Hamburger Menu
  • Pin listed items to add them to the 'My Courses' area of your homepage
  • Instructors can update images for their courses by hovering over the images, clicking the ellipsis, and selecting 'Change Image'

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Course Content

Course Content in BeachBoard

Course Content has the same functionality in BeachBoard 2018, but text is cleaner and the content is responsive. New content provides an orange notification next to its title.

Edit Course

Edit Course Links in BeachBoard

Instructors can find the 'Edit Course' link in their course's horizontal navigation. If there are a lot of items on that navigation, but no 'Edit Course' try the 'More' link at the end of the list. If still not there, feel free to contact our BeachBoard Support team and we can help you customize your navbar to include this option.