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BeachBoard 2018

Welcome to BeachBoard 2018!

Just in time for Spring, BeachBoard is getting a fresh, new look and a mobile-friendly layout. The update will occur during the Winter intersession and all courses will be upgraded to the new version on January 1, 2018. 

What you'll find in BeachBoard 2018:

  • Functionality: No changes; all BeachBoard tools have been retained 
  • Layout: Adapts to different browser sizes and mobile devices 
  • Display: Brighter, wider layout; web-ready font; better accessibility and readability 
  • Navigation: Simplified menu that adapts to smaller screen sizes 
  • New features: Students can upload assignments and take quizzes on mobile devices 

A student uses beachboard on her phone -video

For Instructors:

Instructors can now preview BeachBoard 2018 in a test environment. We created the PREVIEW site so that you can explore the new look of BeachBoard and experience its mobile-friendly layout.   

Log in to CSULB's Single Sign-On and look for this chiclet below to access the BeachBoard Preview.

BeachBoard - for preview only

Get Support

Your courses should adapt to the new layout seamlessly.  However, if after previewing your courses in BeachBoard 2018, you have any concerns about their layout or functionality, please contact us in one of the following ways: