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Windows User Guide

Before You Begin

Before you use BeachApps for the first time, make sure you:

  • Do not use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access BeachApps. Supported web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are not supported.
  • Install the Citrix Receiver client or some features of BeachApps will not work. A guide for installing on Windows is available. If Citrix Receiver is installed correctly, you will see its icon in your system tray:

    Checking on Citrix Installation
  • Try BeachApps before you need it to complete an assignment. If something isn't working right, contact the Campus Technology Helpdesk (562-985-4959, for assistance. 
  • If you want to use Firefox to access BeachApps, you must log in to BeachApps using Internet Explorer at least once before you use Firefox, or you will get a security certificate error.

Logging into BeachApps on a Windows Desktop or Laptop

  1. In your browser address field enter the following URL:
  2. Log on using your Campus ID and Password and then click on the Log On Button.

    Logging in with CSULB Credentials
  3. When you log on to BeachApps the first time after you install Citrix Receiver, you will be asked to allow your browser to run the Citrix Receiver add-on:
    1. If you are using Internet Explorer, a dialog box will appear and ask you if you want to allow the BeachApps web site to run the Citrix Reciever add-on you just downloaded and installed. Click on Allow.

      Allowing Changes to Browser

      Click on the "Do not show me this warning again in the future" checkbox and then click on Allow.

      Receiving an Internet Explorer Warning Message
    2. If you are using Firefox, a dialog box will appear and ask you if you want to activate the Citrix plugin. Click on Activate Citrix ICA Client.

      Activating Citrix ICA Client

      Click on Allow and Remember.

      Allow and Remember
  • The main window displays showing the applications available to you based on your course application.

    The Application Homescreen lists available applications
  • Select the program to launch. Once opening, it runs as if it were on your computer.
  • After you launch an application, a Security Warning dialog box may display. If you want to open or save files to your desktop or laptop computer, click on Permit all access.

    Managing the Permit All Access Window

Ending Your Session

It is important that you Log Off and close the application and connections properly once finished using the software. Failure to do so ties up licenses for the next person who wishes to access the software.

To End/Log Off

  1. Select the Red X in the upper right of the application window to close the application.

    How to Exit the Application
  2. Select the Log Off icon at the upper right of the Main window to log out of the BeachApps.

    Logging Out of the BeachApps