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iOS User Guide

Before You Begin

Try BeachApps before you need it to complete an assignment. If something isn't working right, contact the Campus Technology Helpdesk (562-985-4959, for assistance.

Downloading the Citrix Receiver App

  1. Access the Apple App Store.

    Access the Apple App Store
  2. Download the free Citrix Receiver App or Citrix Receiver for iPad app from the iPhone/iPad app store.

    Downloading the Citrix Receiver

Logging in to BeachApps on an iOS Device

  1. When the download is complete, tap on the Citrix Receiver app or Citrix Receiver for iPad app.
  2. Tap on the Add Account button.

    Adding an Account
  3. In the Address field, type in and then tap on Next.

    Input into Address Field
  4. Input the following information

    1. Username - your CSULB User ID#

    2. Password - your CSULB password

    3. Domain - campus-domain

    Inputting Username Password and Domain
  5. The main window displays showing the applications available to you based on your course participation.

    Main Window Shows Available Applications
  6. Tap the program to launch. Once opened, it runs as if it were running on a Windows computer.
  7. To open the palette of controls and actions, tap on the white downward facing arrow at the top of the screen. From here you can select different on screens controls, go back to the Citrix Receiver Home page, or switch to a different open application.

    Using the Citrix Control Bar

    Tapping on the white upward facing arrow will close the palette.

Ending Your Session

It is important that you Log Off and close the application and connections properly once finished using the software. Failure to do so ties up licenses for the next person who wishes to access the software.

To End/Log Off:

  1. Select the Red X in the upper right of the application window to close the application.

    Selecting the Red X to Close the Application
  2. Tap on the Accounts button, and then tap on Log Off to log out of BeachApps.

    Logging Out of the Application