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Citrix Installation on Windows

  1. In a web browser, navigate to the Citrix Homepage at, hover over Downloads and then click Download Receiver
    Note: BeachApps does not support Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. 

    Finding Citrix Downloads
  2. Click Download Receiver for Windows.

    Downloading the Citrix receiver
  3. When prompted, run the CitrixReceiver.exe file. The message may vary depending on the web browser you're using. Note: BeachApps does not support Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

    Internet Explorer:
    Handling an Internet Explorer download

    Handling a Firefox download
  4. Click Start.

    Starting the Citrix installation

  5. Click on "I accept the license agreement," and then click on Install.

    Accepting the license agreement
  6. Click on FinishDo NOT click on 'Add Account' - this information is unnecessary.

    Finalizing the installation