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Senior Class Giving

A long-time tradition at Long Beach State University, Senior Class Giving is a special rite of passage that signals the transition from student to steward. The Senior Class Giving Campaign is a way for you to define your senior legacy and make an impact on the place that gave you your start. 

I Already Paid Tuition, Why Should I Give?

Because less than 28% of our funding comes from the State of California. We rely on private support from our Beach family allows us to boost our rankings, maintain and improve the programs that are most important to you and assist current and future students. 

Does Participation Matter?

Yes! Publications like U.S News and World Report look at alumni giving percentages when measuring student satisfaction. Your gift as a student and almost-alum has a real impact. 

How Do I Make a Gift?

Beginning in March, our Beach Fund student callers will be reaching out to over 5,000 graduating seniors to personally deliver information about giving back and senior-only events. We look forward to getting in touch with you!