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Draft Values and Priorities

Draft University Values:

  • Empowering Students for Success
  • Advancing the Public Good
  • Promoting Intellectual Achievement
  • Upholding Social Justice and Equity
  • Leading a Culture of Innovation

Draft University Strategic Priorities for 2030:

Embrace Diversity as an Asset

Enhance education and intellectual achievement by promoting diverse perspectives

  • Embrace a campus culture of belonging and acceptance that drives towards equity
  • Celebrate our diverse social and cultural elements as opportunities for exchange and transformation
  • Identify and proactively support the unique well-being needs of our diverse student body
  • Bring commitment to equity and diversification of faculty and staff

Connect Learning to Impact

Enhance the value of a CSULB education by connecting knowledge, practice, and impact

  • Innovate general education and co-curricular activities to encompass practical life skills and the development of engaged citizens
  • Build future-ready students through responsive, flexible, and interdisciplinary curriculum and programs that reflects a world in flux
  • Develop robust internships and hands-on learning experiences in the classroom and beyond

Expand Access to Learning

Build our portfolio of offerings to address the needs of our extended community of learners

  • Develop a culture of lifelong learning amongst our students, staff, alumni, and the broader community
  • Explore alternative modes of learning and offerings beyond degrees
  • Offer online and hybrid courses to help meaningfully engage an expanded set of learners
  • Adapt learning resources to address the changing needs and demands of working learners

Amplify Research & Creative Activities

Expand accessibility of research and creative activities to advance the university’s standing

  • Focus research and innovative problem-solving in response to challenges in society and culture in communities we serve
  • Instill creative thinking and creative achievement as a hallmark of our academic community
  • Diffuse and expand access to research findings to enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve
  • Use hands-on research and creative activities as a means to amplify student learning

Become a Leader for Learning, Working, and Playing

Spur more meaningful partnerships and make CSULB an intellectual and cultural destination

  • Open the university campus to create new cultural and intellectual value while ensuring safety and security
  • Pursue new opportunities for the mutual benefit of CSULB and our partners
  • Put sustainability front and center, working with stakeholders to drive innovations in transportation, housing, and climate action

Design a Culture of Campus Collaboration

Break down barriers in university policies to create greater transparency and exchange

  • Pave the way for interdepartmental collaboration to promote intellectual growth among faculty and staff
  • Streamline decision-making processes to ensure clarity, flexibility, and transparency
  • Align policies and incentives with our values and shared strategic priorities
  • Adopt an entrepreneurial and forward looking mindset to optimize resources

Become Financially Resilient

Generate new and diverse revenue sources to strengthen financial position of the institution

  • Leverage and streamline use of under-utilized university assets to maximize impact
  • Bring an entrepreneurial mindset to external financial opportunities
  • Become a partner in new business ventures and ensure value for CSULB