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Aggregated Unit Level Data

The College Assessment Office aggregates program-level data on student learning around elements of both the Conceptual Framework and NCATE Standard 1 on an annual basis. Doing so allows the College to explore how we are doing in preparing our students to be the kinds of educators, counselors, administrators, or practitioners who make positive and substantial impacts on their workplaces and their communities.

A brief overview and FAQ's regarding the analysis of the aggregated data can be accessed by clicking the following link: 

Aggregate Analysis Overview (PDF)​

Aggregated data can be found at the following links:

Academic Year NCATE Conceptual Framework CSULB Learning Outcomes
2008-09 NCATE Standard 1 Elements-08-09 (PDF) Conceptual Framework Elements-08-09 (PDF)​ N/A
2009-10 NCATE Standard 1 Elements-09-10 (PDF)​ Conceptual Framework Elements-09-10 (PDF)​ N/A
2010-11 NCATE Standard 1 Elements-10-11 (PDF)​ Conceptual Framework Elements-10-11 (PDF)​ N/A
2011-12 NCATE Standard 1 Elements-11-12 (PDF)​ Conceptual Framework Elements-11-12 (PDF)​ CSULB Learning Outcomes-11-12 (PDF)​
2012-13 NCATE Standard 1 Elements-12-13 (PDF)​ Conceptual Framework Elements-12-13 (PDF)​ CSULB Learning Outcomes-12-13 (PDF)​
2013-14 NCATE Standard 1 Elements-13-14 (PDF)​ Conceptual Framework Elements-13-14 (PDF)​ CSULB Learning Outcomes-13-14 (PDF)​
2014-15 NCATE Standard 1 Elements-14-15 (PDF)​ Conceptual Framework Elements-14-15 (PDF)​ CSULB Learning Outcomes-14-15 (PDF)​