Students give Education Week a passing grade

Published April 16, 2018

They came with their updated resumes and best smiles, ready to meet their future head on. Dozens of future teachers, counselors and school administrators filed into the USU last for the Education Job Fair and many found promising leads.

Representatives from public and private schools, district officials and guidance counselors offered advice and tips, pens and candy to current students and those working on their multiple subject credentials, who wandered from table to table.

 “This is way better than going on, where I look all the time,” said psychology student Yaritza Leon, who is set to graduate in May. “It’s better to be seen and ask the questions you have to someone in person.”

Leon’s friend, Alejandra Guadarrama was excited to find a potential job opportunity in Seattle. While most of the officials were from schools in California, some traveled from as far away as Washington, D.C.

“I came last year but wasn’t prepared,” Guadarrama, a psychology major, said. “This time, I’m prepared with my resume.”

Bryn Siegelman, who is working on her multiple subject credential, said it’s nice to have all these employers in one spot. Communications studies major Christian Ortiz agreed.

“It’s more accessible for us and it’s a good opportunity for people in college to show their skills,” Ortiz said.

The Job Fair capped off Education Week, a host of activities put on by College of Education. It featured timely lectures, informative panels, workshops and social mixers.