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Ramon A. Castillo '09



Tell us a little about yourself

I am an alumnus of CSULB, and currently a professional master of ceremonies host, hypeman, and event coordinator who currently owns his own business. I was born and raised in San Diego, but since graduating from CSULB, I have stayed in the area because of my love for the city and university. I have been very fortunate and blessed to stay connected to the university as an MC for CSULB ASI events as well as the in-game host/MC for LBSU Men’s Basketball games. Not only do I have the opportunity to evoke excitement and emotion, but also I am able to do it for CSULB. Best part of being an MC is the people I get to meet no matter the event. 

What are you doing professionally?

I own and operate my business, RayOnTheMic as a professional Master of Ceremonies, hypeman, and event coordinator. I host a barrage of events including weddings, birthdays, banquets, concerts, and athletic games. 

What steps did you take to pursue your current position?

I worked on my craft, pushed myself to get better, sought advice, and talked and studied with those in the industry that I wanted to be like. I continually work on improving business, my skills, and myself. It is all about making relationships, networking, and marketing myself with every opportunity. 

Did you envision doing this kind of work while you were an undergrad?

I did, but didn’t. I knew being an emcee would be part of my life and I would do it part time, but I never thought I would have my own business solely focused on events and being a professional MC. 

What was the biggest challenge, transitioning from college student to young professional? 

The biggest transition was not having class and not giving up finding your desired career. You are so accustomed to managing your time around class schedules, studying, and work, that when you graduate you have to do without them.  It is important to continue to focus and not be discouraged while trying to secure a career. 

Why did you join the Alumni Association? 

It was a great way to give back, stay connected to the university, alumni, students, and alumni events. 

With a busy, schedule how do you manage to stay engaged with your alma mater?

Making time is key. Put aside time to attend events like Homecoming, athletic events like basketball, baseball, and volleyball. 

Any advice for students and fellow graduates interested in pursuing a career in your field?

Believe in yourself is number one. Trust the experiences and knowledge gained in life, school, and other jobs. Take a chance on yourself and prepare yourself for new challenges. Do your research; try doing smaller events or any events that will give you an opportunity to be in front of crowds. Always remember you are always representing yourself and your business when you're out and about. Success is a reflection of your hard work and focus.